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Here you go you dub haters~

Japanese Dub DLC For Lightning Returns' Western Release - News - Final Fantasy Union - Final Fantasy News, Music, Guides & More

In the wake of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII’s release, it was announced late last week that fans in the west will be able to play it with the Japanese dub.

The track will be made available as free DLC for two weeks after it’s released in the West. It will remain as paid DLC thereafter.

This won’t just be an audio replacement DLC though. Square Enix is also including the coding to make sure the character’s mouths match what they’re saying.

It’s really exciting that Square Enix are doing this and begs the question whether or not they’ll do this for future titles (i.e. Final Fantasy X HD Remix). Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will release on the Xbox 360 and the PS3 in North America on the 11th February and on the 14th February in Europe.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII releases tomorrow in Japan and for Square Enix’s last bit of promotion, they've released preview tracks of some of the game’s soundtrack.

It’s interesting how Square Enix have presented the tracks. Instead of just posting up a video with the samples and a still image of the game’s logo, they've provided us with a nice little glimpse into the environments. It’s as if we're watching a CCTV video of each area and is certainly more interesting to watch than just a stock photo.

There are four videos in total, each sampling tracks from different locations in the game; Luxerion, Yusnaan, The Dead Dunes, and the Wildlands. Some of the samples are quite fast and energizing but then there are some very soothing tracks.

If you’re interested in purchasing the soundtrack, has the cheapest price we’ve seen so far. You can pre-order your copy here. ($46.99/GBP~29.32)

You can listen to the tracks below. Let us know in the comments what you think!
And ALSO LOOOOL I laughed so hard I cried. I hope to God this is a joke.

After the midnight launch of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII in Japan, the crowd of people eagerly awaiting the game turned into another crowd of people wanting to return the game after finding out it is not a dress-up simulator.

The dress-up simulator is a very niche genre of video game mainly found in Japan where hardcore hikikomoris can dress up cute girls to their liking. It is easy to mistake Lightning Returns for a dress-up simulator after the creators discussed the amount of costumes in the game and the customization features that go with it. Overall, the creators talked more about the appearance of Lightning over any of the gameplay elements in Lightning Returns. We spoke with people waiting to return the game.

“I started up the game and suddenly I had to fight things,” said Hitoshi Tomimoto, “Five minutes of this and I shut it off and headed straight back to the store. This is not what was advertised on the internet. You don’t create a pretty girl to have her fight monsters. I saw all the costumes she could wear and I was transfixed by the possibilities which made me want to get the game in the first place. I was hoping instead that it might have been a dating simulator after the first fight, but then I realized I got tricked into buying a dirty action game.”

“This is quite possibly the worst joke mankind has ever pulled on me,” said Masashi Izawa, “I’m not afraid to admit this. I wanted to masturbate to this game. I already did to the pictures I saw of Lightning online and I waited patiently for this game’s release. I had my room set up with candles and it was going to be perfect. My desire was so strong, I kept playing even after I found out it was not a dress-up game just so I could get to the costumes. Then I realized the game wouldn’t let me see her panties. My patience had run out. This is why I’m in line waiting to return this game.”

Director Motomu Toriyama spoke at the midnight release defending and explaining Lightning Returns to the crowd of people wanting to return the game.

“I love Lightning more than any of you and I would have loved to see her in a dress-up simulator,” he shouted, “I first began this project as a dress-up simulator but I was told that the game would not sell. This is why Lightning Returns is an action role-playing game with only traces of the original plans. Now I can see that the true gamers have all come out to express their anger about Lightning Returns. This might be enough to get a whole series based around Lightning. She is the only character worthy enough to leave this whole Final Fantasy business behind.”

In response to this reaction from gamers, Square Enix announced that they have pulled all staff members working on Final Fantasy XV and have assigned them to work on a Lightning dress-up game for smartphones.

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