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Default Latale's extra prologue?

I'm new here (which means i'm a newbe).

Some days ago i was browsing on the Naver blog.
I found some images from Latale. They look like stories that explain the character's pasts.

I think this one is called. "Naive, Na Muwen".

I guess one of them is Muwen's dad.

This must be how Muwen met his koala.

Muwen didn't know he had zoe?

Well thats all of muwen's part.

This is my favorite one. Mainly because Levi is my favorite.

"Honesty, Levi Arens"

That guy must be Levi's father.

Levi probably fell asleep while writing something.

Kazno is messing with Iris and muewn...Levi doesn't seem to mind.

Levi is so brave.
He's protecting herne and her mother

I laughed when i saw this part!

Well that's all i.

I just wanted to put this up so every one could see it.
I also didn't want it sitting on my computer.

O.O I wonder why this wasn't in OGP's Latale?

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