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Default (BM) HHS questions & comparison for 1 flash and Sonic Slash

I main PVE for my BM so i have question regarding about raven's skills

HSS = Hyper Sonic Stab

Basically is this skill stronger in awakening ? or without it ? how do i maximize the dmg potential for both conditions ? because i heard that the lower number of things ur slashing plain HSS is better while awakening is for multiple preferable more than 3 , since i am playing in Taiwan server with the skill revamp is this skill worth it or should i respec to get bloody accel instead ?

1 Flash and Sonic Slash

I know these 2 are the utility skills my idea is that if i pick 1 flash i get an easier time crossing over boss's skills and catching the range mob behind from doing ranged crap on me , i heard people says Sonic Slash does over all more dmg than 1 Flash with it's 14 slashes so is it worth it over the utility cross up ?