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sibladeko is an unknown quantity at this point

Originally Posted by zgmfx19a
I do have a Misty, but I don't use her as my leader too often, and my friendlist is still full. I do hope Sega do something about the friendlist issue, because 50 is just not enough (though I am still at 45).

EDIT: nvm, cleared a space for you. ID?
Aw come on I'm still alive playing you know!
Still waiting for that invite :|

Originally Posted by Retune
Speaking of which, any major recommendations for starters besides the blind healer?
From the resemara (reset marathon) thread:
Auto take: All SSR, SR Noel (close eye healer), SR Vanessa (Mace healer)
Ok to take: Angelica (Smiley Assassin), Clarice (Yandere Hunter), Bernadette (Love Berserker), Volg (Guts), Albert (Masked Swordsman)
Regrets: SR Phillip (Ranger), All Rs

Notes on Albert, might not be as good as the other SRs, but he has a Chain Story which I believe gives you a SSR Feena if you complete one.

In other news the completionist in me wants to do all the Trefle members stories before selling them but it's level 25 each...and Rinsey leaves in like a day.
I'm torn.
Still getting lucky on my free rolls though, randomly rolled once on Mage Tower gacha (wanted new character quests) and replaced my 2* Latty.