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Originally Posted by mickeyzkun
this is the link right? CN-USA: (Japan) Webmoney Card Overseas Games 海外信用卡购买游戏卡游戏币,支持Visa,PayPal,Master Buy but can you tell me how can to top up it. sorry can't understand japanese
Yes that is the link.

I haven't done it myself but here is how it should work:
1. Buy Japan webmoney on cn-usa. You should get the card in format of a code like a series number.
2. In the game, click green "CP購入" button on the top right. In the new opened browser page, select the amount of CP you want to purchase.
3. In the next page, click the top right "WebMoney" button.
4. In the next page, there is a place for you to enter the Webmoney code (the one you got from cn-usa)

Note: There is an additional 5% transaction fees when using webmoney, so 1000CP will actually cost 1050 Webmoney. Therefore, you have to buy more than 1k webmoney in order to get 1k CP. (This sucks)