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Default Complete Update Notes - Zakad's Awakening

Dragon Nest | News - Complete Update Notes - Zakad's Awakening


Halloween is upon us, and the terror of terrors--the Desert Dragon--is ready to give Altera the ultimate chill. Sealed by Gerrant and sought by lustre looters, the Desert Dragon is finally stirring from her long slumber... and she's roaring for vengeance. A slew of new gear, events, and Dragon Vault items have arrived to help you defend Altera against its latest threat!

The Desert Dragon Nest

- Recommended level: 60 and above
- Entry pass required: 1 Zakad’s Eye (from clearing Typhoon Krag Nest or Professor K’s Nest on Hell mode)

- Portal location: Garden of Eternity (Level 60.)

- Rewards:
- Lv. 60 unique weapons, armor, and sparks

To learn more about the story, click here.

The False Stronghold

Most of your favorite Lv. 50 (and under) nests have been upgraded to Lv. 60!

With the Desert Dragon portal now open, old foes clamor to keep your attention. Since they've all received updated loot tables, they'll probably succeed. The catch? Each nest is only open on a certain day of the week!

- Recommended level: 60 and above
- Portal location: Garden of Eternity (Level 60.)

- Day each nest can be entered:
- Monday: Cerberus Nest (Lv. 60)
- Tuesday: Manticore Nest (Lv. 60)
- Wednesday: Apocalypse Nest (Lv. 60)
- Thursday: Archbishop Nest (Lv. 60)
- Friday: Titan Nest (Lv. 60)

- Rewards:
- Lv. 60 epic weapons, armor, and sparks
- Special potions that can only be used in the Desert Dragon Nest

Are these monsters as tough as you remember? Challenge them and find out.

Desert Dragon Clear Event

The Desert Dragon's the most dangerous opponent to date, so we're showering the first party brave enough--and skilled enough--to clear her nest with rich rewards! Gather your friends and guildies, then venture into Zakad's desolate home.

- Be the first party to defeat the Desert Dragon and win amazing items!

To learn more about the event, click here.

Halloween Events

Start carvin' those pumpkins and lightin' those jack-o-lanterns, because the Fete of All Flesh has returned!

- Celebrate Halloween, Dragon Nest-style, with events all month long.
- Participate in events to get scare-errific (or horror-dorable) prizes!

To find out more about the Halloween events, click here.

Dragon Vault Update

It’s the time of year when the ghouls and goblins come out to play. Peruse this year's fantastical and frightening offerings to dress the part!

For more information about the latest Dragon Vault update, click here.

Bug Fixes:
- Goblins in Edea’s Outpost now have proper names.
- The Tinkerer’s school costumes have been properly updated.

System Improvements/Changes:
- Victory conditions have changed in Round mode.
- If the match hasn't ended within the time limit, the team with more survivors wins. (This rule hasn't changed.)
- If both teams have the same number of survivors, the team with more HP (sum of all team members) wins.
- If both teams have the same sum HP, the team that did more damage wins.
- If both teams dealt the same amount of damage, the match ends in a tie.
- Players that leave an Endless room early cannot re-enter the same room for 10 minutes. A warning message will appear.
- Teams are now distributed evenly in Endless rooms where teams are mandatory.
- Spirits' Garden (M) and Black Mt. Watch (M) have been added to Rounds, FFA, Protect, and Respawn Endless rooms.

- Burning Hand (PvE)
- When the skill is activated, damage will now be increased to 200%
- The cooldown has been removed.
- Crescent Cleave +
- The maximum hits has been increased by 200%.
- The hit limit, after which the projectiles disappear, will be increased from 4 to 8 hits.

- The Dragon Vault icon at the lower right of the screen has been updated.
- NPC shortcut key icons now appear above the heads of NPCs.
- Players can now select dungeon rewards using number keys 1 – 4.
- A new level guide now appears when low level players try to create raids.
- The colors of the page buttons on the inventory screen have been changed.

- An option to repair equipment now appears at the end of dungeons and nests.
- Players now have the option to auto-pass on items.
- A new function has been added to discourage players from exiting raid dungeons early.
- Crrrassh in the Sea Dragon Nest will now use the Poison Spore skill on the player with highest amount of agro/threat/hate.

Crests and Plates
- Plates can now be opened and created without talking to crest scholars. Just right-click on the crest.
- Burning Hand crests have been updated.
- Lucky Shot crests have been updated.

NPC Menu
- Honest Ed’s Abyss Shop has been streamlined by level.
- Guardsman Roy can now give players all daily quests at once.
- For Town NPCs, functional menus are now shown above quest and talk menus.

Achievements Window
- This window has been completely overhauled.

Title Collection
- New titles and multiple collection lists have been added.

- Guild invites can now be sent to players in different towns and channels.
- Guild Officers can now change the authorities of guild members ranked Veteran and below.

- Goddess Teardrop quests will display even when the “Hide Quest Marker” option is ON.
- The maximum number of friends you can have has been increased from 100 to 150.

Known Issues:
- The quest option “Dragon Nest: The Story So Far” from NPC Tracy does not work.
- Untranslated text appears when talking to Maury if the "Farming for Fun and Profit" quest appears in a player's "Remote Quest" tab within the Quest Window.