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Originally Posted by beef1218
Thanks Stryker!

Can someone confirm the purpose of different kinds of points? Below is my understanding after only 1.5 days play. Could someone please correct me?
a. GP: Used to combine units (and maybe pilots later?)
b. ?P(the one right below GP): used to cap at the basic cap. (Since nothing good can be capped from the basic cap, does that mean this kind of points is useless?)
c. CP: cash points. used to do cash caps or buy cash items.
d. PP: used to cap pilots from the basic cap. (Is there anything good in that cap? Should I save it up?)
e. 10/10 mission points: used for missions.
f. 10/10 BP: used for repeating in boss fight or pvp.

Pretty much correct. Tho BP is also used to participate in boss fights. The Kizuna points (orange point) and PP caps do have some good stuff in it but they are really really rare.