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This is where the fun comes in. Let's see:

- The usual Assault build:
LV9 Booster Module Type C
LV10 Turbo Motor Type B
3rd part of your choice
Total= +12% boost speed +7% medium range damage +7% movement speed -5% defense

This build is the reminiscence of speed+attack build from the old era. You basically dash around to evade shots, then close in to melee or throw boomerangs. Most pros use this build thanks to its evasiveness, and hit hard also means you could build your sp bar faster.

- The Charge build:
LV8 E-Carbon Armor Type A
LV10 Gundarium Alloy Type B
3rd part of your choice (either more HP or more boost speed)
Total= +14% HP +6% boost speed +2% defense -11% melee damage -7% melee attack speed

This build heightens your HP (to avoid sp bombers, and to tank) in exchange of melee ability. I wouldn't recommend this if you are aware that you must change modes pretty often.
However, this build suits you well if you are the kind of persons who aren't proud of their melee skills (including me). You could stay in mode 1 most times and Charge shall help a lot.

- The Support build:
LV10 Biocomputer (M) Type A
LV11 Targeting Sensors (M) Type A

This build is solely for hardcore shooters. You now officially have a new title: Banana King. Your boomerang now has longer range, and also reloads faster than ever (although it's weaken, by 4% but who cares).

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From what I have said, you can tell Destiny is made for supporting. But pros always change the way we dictate it...

- Aggressive melee style:

- Standard: play it safe

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