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Default [MS Review] [S rank] Destiny gundam by FonSpark

Destiny gundam review by FonSpark

Destiny is one ZAFT's latest gundam, which is considered to be one of the strongest gundam in the Gundam Seed Destiny series... for a short time (then Strike Freedom/Infinite Justice come and demolish it completely). Destiny continues its fate as one of the underdog under Netmarble's genius dev team. But whatever, it still has some strong points to look for. Let's see.

For those who are fan of it: Recently, Destiny has received a new buff: (according to
Voiture Lumiere Mode: Weapon 1 weapon range increased, attack damage decreased, knockdown rate adjusted (you may have 8 hits melee).
Voiture Lumiere Mode: Weapon 2 knockdown rate adjusted.

Hint: Ctrl+F is your friend


************************************************** ********************

Normal mode

Voiture Lumiere mode

Well-rounded stats, nothing particular. Destiny also has a versatile weapon set, so you can let it equip custom parts in so many ways. For those who are curious about it, Ctrl+F "CUSTOM PARTS BUILD".

************************************************** ********************

Mode 1 Weapon 1 (M1W1): Dual boomerangs

Homing. Double shot. Inflict Slow.
Damage: 1000
Reload: 4.2s (Fast)
Range: 2500
Standard beam rifle range is 2800, so being able to do throw boomerangs within that range is pretty good: you can do some crazy combo like: beam rifle -> boomerang -> long range cannon (knock down). Then run for your life (because you can't leave Lunamaria alone at home).
Destiny's boomerang, along with Justice's (and Infinite Justice), can curve very far, so don't hesitate to curve it in a craziest trajectory possible.
Destiny is also known as a boomerang spammer, because you have almost infinite boomerang's supply. Camp and spam boomerang to lure out enemies is what Destiny is excel at (not the pilot's fault, tbh...)
Key words: combo, curve, spam.

M1W2: Standard beam rifle

Damage: 1400
Ammo: 10
Reload: 2.4s/shot
Range: 2800
Standard beam rifle is standard. It has really good feel. If you are fan of high responsive rifles, you may need to try the +Agility parts from Assault parts, or +Biocomputer from Support/Shooter/Armour parts.

M1W3: Long range knock down beam cannon

Damage: 2050
Ammo: 1
Reload: 8s/shot
Range: 4200
Knocks down. Penetrates. Immobile while firing.
Use it to save teammates (that's what I don't usually do... lol). Or to punish enemies staying in wrong position. It has very limited uses because whenever you fire it, you are a sitting meat asking to be shot at. Don't ever use it in a flashlights war because of that reason.

M2W1: Anti-ship sword (aka Big toothpick)

Damage: 1100/hit
Range: 800
5 hits to knock down. They are all very big swings (hit multiple enemies at once). Good vertical reach. However, the sword is a bit slow (for those who have tried X-3, this sword is very similar imo). This may turn out to be a good point, as you can slowly slash your foe to buy time, while your team shoots him to death.

M2W2: Palm beam cannon (technically Combo Attack)

Damage: 450/hit
Reload: 20s
Range: 200
3-part attack. Last hit knocks down. Inflicts Boost Down ailment.
When you use it, you move slightly forward (use it to save your ass from falling!). And it has very broad hit box, so you can swing your palm around if you suspect oncoming enemies (in your wet dream).
The troll weapon. Use it to initiate combat. Then run away (you may add in a few melee hits but it's unnecessary, as death by your greed is stupid).
In general, with a big sword and a Combo Attack, Destiny can go toe-to-toe with any heavy melee suits. However, don't ever think you can outmelee pros with your Combo Attack. Zero Boost Slash (Turn Slash) can save you sometimes, but I can't be sure about that in the long run. My advice is: Know your place and don't melee against pros.

************************************************** ********************

Destiny is known for its mediocre skill set but whatever, it still has its use.

SEED Awakening EX

When the unit's health drops below 50%, the unit's movement speed and search distance are increased, boost duration is slightly increased, and damage is maximized.
Basically, an improved version of Latent Potential. Increased movement speed can help in the gunpoke war.

Special Attack Awakening

When the unit's health drops below 35%, the unit's special attack damage is increased. Special Attack Awakening (Skill Part) has the same effect.
So these skills all come down to this: when your health is low, you are glowing. When you have 2 auras with you (red and rose), people know it's time to let you eat special attacks.
These skills also activate at fairly low HP requirement, so they aren't very useful. I'd recommend to unload your special attack as soon as possible.

************************************************** ********************

Destiny has Special Attack (Beam) in mode 1, and Special Attack (Melee) in mode 2. Beam spec is proven to be quite useful, as Beam spec + Special Attack Awakening is a guarantee big blow.
Hint: don't attack any Quantize-able suits when they are being hit by Beam spec!
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