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sibladeko is an unknown quantity at this point

Anyone still playing this game?
I chose it as my random "can I sideload region-locked apps on my phone" test and I'm finding it pretty fun although I haven't paid for anything yet; that and I think I've gotten pretty lucky (I reset my first roll until I got Angelica, and then later...well)

I started too late and missed the Coro-chan event it seems, but right now the Shining Event seems ok, I can barely take on the level 17 events with my current party and have gotten the first 2 swords, not sure if I want to try for Reiji though. For these quests, there's no other way then sinking AP and hoping you get all the drops for the Bonus right? They end in less than half a day and I was wondering if I should use the beginning Stamina items since I'm drained of my only regain 6AP an hour normally right? With 11 hours left that's 66AP and only 6 chances for the 10AP quests, and Reiji's quest is 14AP...