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Default [MS Review] Victory 2 Buster Gundam by masterzero

Victory 2 Buster Gundam by masterzero


Hello all guys , first review here too. Although my nick is masterzero i'm usually known as kabutozero in other games and Kabuto0 in sdgo. I'm an HK player that didn't play that much until RPS removal patch came , and right now I'm enjoying the game a lot

So I decided to write a review of my main and favourite suit on the game , Victory 2 Buster Gundam ( abbreviated to V2B from now as called in game). Victory 2 is my favourite gundam of all series due to the beautiful wings of light , and the reason I main V2B is due to the fact it's the only suit with wings of light out of an sp ( plus V2AB has range spec so it's not used that much) , but also because it is really different from V2AB , even if the latter is an SS rank , I find V2B more enjoyable to my playstyle.

V2B was reviewed before even he got his R mode buff , so for reference i'll post it's old review /forum/sdgo-ms-discu...-2-buster.html

Well , enough with the chatter , let's go with the review ! ( and forget me for posting such a bland image compared to the other 2 first reviews but nothing I could do , since only good images of V2AB are posted since it was the last suit in the series)

Victory 2 Buster Gundam

V2B was a paper before the RPS removal , althought it behaved more like a scissors. It has REALLY good weapons but for most of them you're going to have to get a close on the enemy. The only really good long range weapon is on mode 2 , which is again.... a close range mode XD.

V2B was known as ( i'm going to use the term busterX used as I find it appropiate) a "rock reaper" because , before any of the op rocks were introduced , V2B would annihilate any rock with a full burst from behind. It was THAT good. Then the op rocks came and well , it wasn't that easy , but still was fun

Right now as I play it on g gen patch on HK , He doesn't reap rocks so easily BUT he doesn't get destroyed as easily by scissors now , so I definitely prefer that . It was really annoying picking v2b then suddenly everyone picked SF , FAZZ , ETC


Mode 1 first Mode 2 second

Nothing fancy , Victory 2 Buster mode is balanced with quite a bit defense. Yes , it can hold some shoots really easily and more with the recommended custom parts I will put later. Victory 2 mode is a purge mode and like so it has way more attack and speed at the expense of lowered defense. Take this into account and don't kamikaze as much ( even if wings of light tell you to do it ) when you are on Mode 2


Mode Victory 2 Buster

W1: Micromissile Pod


W2: Spray Beam Pod


W3: Mega Beam Cannon


W4: Beam Special


Mode Victory 2 (Purge mode)

W1: Beam Saber


W2: Mega Beam Rifle


W3: Wings of Light


W4: Melee Special



Reload up

Increases reload by 25 % , Skill 1

This is the skill that sells the suit for me over V2AB , having reload up on skill 1 without an hp requirement makes it a much better offensive suit on my opinion. It lets V2B mode 1 spam it's weapons as much as you want without caring for ammo and makes mode 2 much more viable with not a so long reload wings of light and a readily spammable mega beam cannon

Stand up to the Victory (Buster)

At 55 % health , movement speed is greatly increased , Attack , defense , and search distance are increased and enemy positions are shown in the map, Skill 2

No doubt a very good skill. All great buffs that compliment both modes greatly. What's better I love that the reload up is the first skill in this suit and not a part of this skill that needs you to be at half life...

Skill Parts

Latent potential no doubt , V2B doesn't need much the SP gains but the damage stabilization is really nice for his missiles and mega beam cannon

Custom Parts

For me there's a set of custom parts that are definitely the best ,although I will give some alternative.

Custom Parts - SDGO Wiki

Custom parts to pick ->Lv 10 Gundarium alloy type B , Lv 8 E-carbon type A and B

Total stats gained/lost
20% HP
12 % dash speed
2 % defense
-11 % short range damage
-7 % short range speed
-2 % attack

To me these parts are a beast , 20 % hp is really good , 12 % dash speed is good too for V2B and defense compliments the hp nicely. The losses are not much noticeable either , plus on mode 1 you don't even have short range weapons

Other parts you could use

Custom Parts - SDGO Wiki

Pick Critical chip A and B and multi lock on type A from level 12

These parts give a good critical chance to V2B which his multi hit attacks profit from very good. I put multi lock on type A to recover a bit from the lost attack by the critical chips but also because the only other piece that gives damage for both long and mid range in shooting role makes you lose 15 % hp.. ( overload chip)

If you're fast/don't have lag you could also pick ambush part for movement speed and decreased defense or things like that


Your main goal with V2B is rapermmmm find enemies with their back exposed and burst them down. Both rounds of missiles + the mega launcher on the back of almost any suit without beam defense will easily tear them to pieces. The basic combo for V2B is W1 twice + W3. This will unleash all your missiles to your target and then knockback them with a nice timing after all the misiles have hit ( or failed) . With reload up , these 2 weapons charge fast and are charged at almost the same time , letting you spam this combo over and over and over. Don't come in melee range for the spray beam pod , only try to shotgun a suit from the back if someone is meleeing your team , although usually the missiles will do the job way easier. On slower MA's with no beam defense ( like METEOR) tho , the spray beam pod will easily hit with all beams and decimate them really fast. You can also abuse suits which don't have melee in their main modes like WZC or FAZZ and get close to them and spam all your weapons dancing in front of them

Mode 2 is very useful when the room has some pro meleers or the map you're playing on is open like G-gundam ring or SPACE maps , on space map staying on the back of your team spamming W2 can lead to one of your best K/D/A scores ever, since when skill 2 kicks on you can flaslight people from very far and not get shot in the process

Don't use the WINGS OF LIGHT only for vs melees , you can catch other suits also , you can use them as mobility too if you have reload up activated , to catch up to a running suit or DODGE attacks . When a FAZZ shoots all his missiles into you , use the wings of light laterally and they will all miss.. it's really fun.

Use your imagination with the wings of light , you can give birth to many fancy maneuvers , like , when you have finished dashing against a suit , dash back and shoot the poor fella with the mega beam cannon 1-2 times to finish him off. Sometimes you'll fail hitting with all the hits to someone who is jumping : Just keep going forward , when the dash is over flip and shoot with the distance you have gained

Try to save your sp until you really need it , I prefer the skills on V2B than the SP's

Overall both modes are good although mode 1 is a way more safer mode than mode 2. Just use them as you want to.

Before rps removal I wouldn't recommend going solo without a team member , but with my part setup you can tank many 1 vs 1 and kill them if both of you start at the same life and of course counting they fail their sp if they have it or you counter it with your beam sp

By the way , without reload up and even with it on R mode you're VERY prone to Bullet Zero ailment. So if you see a Zeta A3 or T3 in the room don't purge much or if you do try to grab them from behind

V2AB vs V2B

This section might seem i'm hurt for having used money to buy V2AB plans ( damn 9you ._.) but again , it's my opinion

I don't stop reading that V2AB is V2A+V2B combined and better than them. Well that they are combined is true but def not better than V2B. V2AB has many flaws ( problem is that if they were fixed the suit would be the most op of them all) , the first one I have already told is that RELOAD UP IS LINKED TO STAND UP TO THE VICTORY ( AB) , that's one of the worst BS I ever heard. Makes it different suit altogether , cant' spam ANYTHING , needs to switch between both modes to be effective.. That alone makes mode 1 a only melee + shotgun build , as you can't spam your missiles like V2B does..
The beam shield mode looks good at first glance , but the mega beam rifle of V2AB deals way LESS damage than V2 one... and oh SURPRISE , it has a GRADUAL SLOW reload ... that paired up with reload up on skill 2.... makes it even WORSE than V2A mega beam rifle ( not saying V2A is good by any chance) Plus the rifle 4 shoot burst carried over from V2A is still the same shitty weapon of V2A... and the VSBR.... they could have at least used the mega beam cannon of the buster pack... because the VSBR deals pathethic damage.

To sum it up , for me V2AB is good in the way it is , a really nice balanced and defensive suit , while V2B is an assault offensive suit. To me V2AB looks like an improved V2A ... that's all


In my opinion , V2B is a really nice offensive suit , and even if old , can still kick ass really well, and still take a few hits with the correct custom parts

That makes it for my first review , hope you liked it and I will be updating it with some pics for the weapons and stuff ( no vids , my pc is crap sorry )

Until the next review

Don't stop , carry on , and stand up to the VICTORY !

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