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Default ggFTW's MS Reviews

Hello everyone,

ggfFTW's MS Reviews is a continuation of ggFTW's MS of the Week (MSotW for short) found here /forum/sdgo-ms-discu...s-ms-week.html

Instead of MS reviews on a weekly basis, these reviews will come in whenever someone writes one. Anyone is welcome to write their own reviews. Just make a new thread, put your review in there, and discuss with people! Multiple reviews of the same suit is fine because of the inclusion of custom parts, so everyone will have different views on how the suit is. If you like the suit and like writing, then write a review for everyone else to read!

I'd like to keep it similar to the MSotW format, so read over those if you have the time.

This is the main thread where we will link everyone's reviews into one place so it will stay organised. I'll update this thread whenever there's a new review.

I might also throw the reviews into 3 categories: close, mid, and long range suits. Yes, RPS is gone but suits are still categorized that way in the game. It will make it easier for people to look for a specific review. I'll see how this turns out though.


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