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Default I'm so sick of judgmental idiots.

No one here on ggFTW really knows me, but anyways... I'm a transvestite, simply put. The whole "girl in a guy's body" (I'm a guy as of right now, turning woman when I get the chance/money/time/etc.) Anyways, I do a lot of gaming. I also use VOIP programs (built in, or Skype/Teamspeak/otherwise), because it's just more efficient that way.

The amount of people I've had make me a laughing stock and insult me because of what I am and how my voice sounds irritates the **** out of me. I know it shouldn't, they're immature retards who couldn't pass a 2nd grade math test if their life depended on it, but it still gets on my nerves. I've dealt with -a lot- of trolling ever since I was 10, since I've been using the internet. I'm 20 now, and still, it continues. Why does the human race have to be this toxic? Like, really. It seems like I cannot go a single ****ing day without receiving some sort of retarded insult about how I'm a disgusting tranny or how I'm some freak for being what I am.

I just, sometimes, wish that I had the ability to drive nails through their flesh and pin them to a ****ing billboard to bleed out and die. I know that's... extreme and harsh, but I can't stand them anymore, or the constant barrage of insults and being judged left and right, no matter where I go.