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Originally Posted by Lala
(Uncreatively and cleverly took this title from the forums.)

So I just posted something somewhere in the Trickster Forums (I honestly already can't remember where) and I just want to say...


I feel like no one really comes here anymore, but if anyone does pass by I just want to say:

"I hope life is going well for you."
"I sincerely hope you're happy."
"I really miss you."
"Hey remember that time we made fun of... well.. everyone and anyone who happened to be online at the time? Yeah.. me too. It kinda happened every day."
"Why don't we talk anymore?!"

"I love you. I really, really do. I truly value and cherish the time we spent together and got to know one another on this game. Who thought that an online game I started just to pass time would bring such wonderful people to me. All our jokes -usually at someone's expense- that we shared, all our serious talks.. everything was so special to me.

I love you from the bottom of my heart."

That's enough of me being all emotional and sentimental and sappy and stuff. But everything I said I really do mean.

So yes! That's all I have to say. I hope at least one person sees this and goes on a psychedelic nostalgia mind trip that reminds you of all our great times together.

Holy crap I was JUST going through my screenshot folder not even a week ago and was thinking of you and the guildies and everyone and-

This just takes my feelings and puts them into words and just-
I really miss you all too, and honestly just looking through all my stuff -quotes from you all, group pictures (remember the great poppuricia raid we did?) has been inspiring to me, especially since i'm trying to work myself out of a creative rut and wanted to get back to my Trickster story... (like as in actually start writing it instead of just character profiles)

Okay so basically I wanna say I miss you all, I hope you're all doing alright and I wonder how you're all doing lately, and i'd love to stay connected with any of you who read this.

To that end, I will make a serious commitment to drop by here at least twice a week. minimum.AND!
if anyone's interested at all, even if it's just like, two people, I will start up a tumblr just for posting screens. (and more fanfic of course!)