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Default Ask the Community: Valese's Answers!


Hi guys, let me start answering all your awesome/extremely random questions.

Originally Posted by Vith
1. If your country were placed under martial law, how would you react?
2. How do you feel about the happenings in India and Syria?
3. If you were in a position of power, and had the full right, how would you handle some of the problems with your country?
4. How did the closure of Trickster affect you?
5. Do you like One Direction?
Hi Vith!

1. The Netherlands is such a small country that not being able to control it's people has never been a problem for the government.
2. Whenever I hear India, I think of an old classmate of mine, and how he would call himself a coconut (or something), because he's from India.

It's extremely scary to know that countries have chemical weapons. I just hope all the chemical weapon programs in Syria will be able to get destroyed or removed, as I've read, and nothing awful will happen in the meantime.

3. For the Netherlands, and I don't wanna sound racist & I'm not fully Dutch myself, but that country needs some cleaning up to do in terms of foreigners. If you go there and all you do is sit on your ass and get money from the government, go back to your own country. They're just taking up space in an already small country.

For Turkey I would try to get rid of poverty. And bad roads. And try to advertise the country for how beautiful it really is to try and get rid of all the stereotypes.

For the US, I'd get rid of Obama, the outrageous gun-law, and little 16 y/o brats that think they own the place. Oh and Toddlers and Tiara's.. that show is so awful. Oh and the huge packages of food. America's problem : Costco.

4. I didn't cry. I hated seeing my characters go poof, but I'm fine without it (for now?)

5. I like some of their songs, and their accents, I love the British accent <3 Speaking of One Direction. I promised my little neighbor girl I'd take her to the movies to see One Direction, and she got so excited, but then we found out it wasn't released yet >: and I wouldn't be in Turkey any more by the time it did get released.

Have a carrot!

Originally Posted by Rom
  1. Other than your own characters; can you name one character from each class (including hybrid) that you thought was overpowered on Trickster Online?
  2. Are you excited for Pokemon X/Y? If so, which set (if any) of pokemons will be your main team?
  3. What is your 3DS friend code and can I have it?
    If yes, but you don't want to post it in public, you can send a PM instead.
Hi Josh

1. If you mean ign wise and stats, let me try to remember, it's been a while q.q

-Bunny: LittleLegend
-Buffalo: Darathorius LOL AutumnRomance
-Sheep: Your dark sheepy, Caeir [AKA: Cynthria, Nymel, Mieno, Nerist]
-Dragon: Onoo
-Fox: Vicksy, YenSai & Kelly08 - I can't choose one.. cause they were all strong in their own respective areas D:
-Lion: Keme's lion, forgot name >:
-Cat: Lynxz (first cat I saw that was so strong, in my eyes haha)
-Raccoon: EPluribusUnum (always looked up to him)

2. I AM SO EXCITED FOR POKEMON X/Y, I WAS TRYING TO CONTAIN MYSELF BUT THEN YOU ASKED THIS QUESTION. OK. I'm gonna get the female one, which is uh X? And Rem is gonna get Y.

My team will have Charizard and Pikachu. Those are like my babies. I need them in every Pokemon game I play. Then I'll choose a dragon, water, and 2 other types to complete my team. If I was to screw the elements, I'd get Pikachu + 5 fire types. I love fire types. :l

3. My 3DS Code... I have to look it up, but yes you can have it


More carrots!

Originally Posted by mamoru
how can we be sure you're female?
Hello mamoru!

Hm. That's a tough question I think I see my webcam and mic breaking this very second.

Carrotz! Bunnies love them!

Originally Posted by Tardar
1. Are you Hungary for some Turkey? *shot*
2. Are you sad that Trickster shut down?
3. What was your least favorite class on Tricker?
4. If you could kill anyone, would you?
5. Least favorite country in the world.
Hello James!

1. Yes. Yes I am. I actually want Subway with some juicy Turkey on it omg. My stomach is growling. I blame your question.
2. Yes, I was sad it had to get shut down. But I guess it helped a lot of people get over it.
3. My least favorite class on Trickster was.. I don't know, I liked all their little stories but PvP-wise, I hated Raccoons FH and Bunnies Tetra. (< Especially when all 4 of those punches hit, hard.)
4. I never would be able to get myself to do it, no matter how much I despised the person in question.
5. I can't say because I haven't been to every country in the world, unfortunately D:

Carrots please! They're so healthy.

Originally Posted by Rhois
1. Where is your favourite place on Earth?
2. If you could have any animal as a pet, no matter whether it was domestic-able, what would you choose?
3. Did you have an imaginary friend as a child? If so, do you still remember their name?
4. If you could invite anyone over for a cuppa, dead or alive, who would it be?
5. Is there a subject, hobby or activity that you've always been interested in, but never pursued? If so, why?
Hi hi Rhois!

1. My favorite place on Earth would be somewhere I could be at the beach every day, lots of sun, with good food, and great people. (< Summer house in Turkey) ...Although this past summer, some of the older people that went there were awful for some reason. The sun must've fried their brains. >:C
2. A panther. I love cats!
3. I never had any imaginary friends. Me and my younger brother would always be friends with all the neighbor kids, so we were just playing outside with them most of the time >: good times.
4. Either Socrates, Einstein, Michelangelo or Mimar Sinan, he was a genius when it came to Architecture.
5. Drawing & playing Tennis. I was young and stupid though so I quit playing Tennis at a pretty young age (14?). And I don't see how drawing is going to pay my bills (I'm not that creative). So I'm studying Architecture instead, because I love designing :3

Carrots for you!

Originally Posted by Seru
1. Do you like taco bell?
2. Backstreet Boys or Nsync?
3. TLC or Destiny Child?
4. How does it feel to be the 43rd member to be asked to do this?
5. Favorite movie of all time?
6. What's the best hook in order to catch a catfish when you go fishing?
7. In your opinion out of all the fast food restaurants which one do you find to be the most romantic?
Healthy eyes!

Hi Seru!

1. I LOVE Taco Bell. 5-Layer cheesy burrito without beans. I don't like beans.
2. Backstreet Boys because my friend likes them. Nsync because Justin Timberlake.
3. Destiny's Child!
4. I honestly didn't expect it or saw it coming. Glad you guys asked me these random questions though, so thank you for that!
5. I can't choose, there's too many.
6. Hooks for Catfishing
7. Wow, I have no idea how to answer this one. Definitely not McDonalds though hehe.

Carrots for everyone!

Thanks for all the questions guys! This took me over an hour, wow.

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