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I think I like feminine guys/tomboyish girls most I guess.

But even though I can find a bit of enjoyment in looking at or drawing naked people/sex things, I've never actually felt the urge to have sex myself. So I guess naked people are a turn on? Maybe? I dunno. Maybe its just a curiosity for the mysteriousness that lurks under the clothing.

I think I would like someone that has a "long relationship" in mind but the truth is I'll probably never be in a long lasting relationship due to my lack of interest in having sex myself and other personality quirks. I don't really care enough to try to change myself to be more relationship compatible though.

Other than that and being spanked, I don't really know what I like. However I do know there's a few things I don't like:

Too much muscles.
Too much breasts.
People that try to make me change how I think.
Someone that gives me too my things.