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Originally Posted by Kenshiro
X1 Kai in my opinion is not bad, but largely depends on the player. It is a dive in dive out mobile suit for me. Dive in, kill one, get out afterwards. The non-melee dash W1 can be chained twice if done properly, or roughly 5-6 times if only the first hit connects. X1 Kai is best used as a backup attacker to other melee units. Heat whip is particularly useful for that although screw whips don't do much. Mode 2 is where the main damage is at. It is already fast enough but Ambush parts are still recommended although I go full melee parts (Aspd) with it.

About Skullheart, I have no idea.
I ever thought of capping it, but many people said that x1 kai is really fragile. Well i guess i'll just wait for Skullheart mixplan to come out.

I like both SP animation of the Skullheart, especially the mode 1. If you SP MA with it, you can see MA being thrown upside down with the Beam Zanber, it's funny
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