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I'm not trying to put down HK players. I played HK for a while under a ninja account/disguise, and it was quite fun.

It's just that KR players will do EVERYTHING to win. If you derp and screw up, pray to god there ain't a red star around. He'll start yelling at you, and if you don't respond, the ultimate "you china?" phrase will come up and shit will get very awkward. Koreans ban certain suits because those suits can make them lose the game which is a pretty big deal to perfectionists.

When I was in HK (not real life, which I am currently) I didn't see people do stuff that would make them look very try hard. By casual I mean they're more chill and relaxing about losing, while Koreans are just too hardcore... If you wreck rooms with a certain suit, suddenly everyone will start throwing items at you...

This one guy was legitly doing very well with a Physalis, not just spamming the nuke. He got showered with SP down premiums and that forced him to switch suits. Koreans are scary
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