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Default Anyone selling scrolls?

Anyone here still play Lunia? If you've got some extra level IV scrolls for myth (knight or wizard special IV) I'll buy them... impossible to find these in marketplace as everyone is only selling the "strong" type not the "special" type, and at crazy prices. Searched for days and only found 1-2 IV special type scrolls. And I have absolutely terrible luck in this game, so I'm not gonna try to composition again. Last time I tried it ended up losing hundreds of gold and didn't even successfully make a level III...
I'll buy any fashion equipment with the level IV enchantment on it as well...
Hopefully someone still plays this game lol. I know it's pretty much dead, but I want to at least get to play devildom for a little bit before quitting... and wearing only Wildur/Zugren/Seres equipment is pretty much impossible to survive in devildom without the level IV enchants.