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Originally Posted by mishka
It's great for you guys that you have never faced any problems with Nexon's support, but have the decency to acknowledge that some people do? I don't understand what you're trying to prove by supplementing your own anecdotes, other than being incredibly dismissive to Mega. Having things going well for you does not translate into Nexon having an amazing customer support system. But the opposite is true too, that just because people have problems with it doesn't mean their support is crappy. That being said, I'm more inclined to believe that the problem lies with Nexon, seeing their track record of not doing shit when a large proportion of the player base gets their accounts compromised nearly simultaneously.
I think they handled their shit a lot better than they had to. I'm sure you recall Sony Online Entertainment and how they handled it when somewhere around 25 million accounts were compromised simultaneously, and several thousand credit/debit cards. They shut down for a month and offered their users free play time equivalent to the amount of time their servers were down. In other words, they really did nothing in recompense, and their players actually subscribe to the service.

Comparatively Nexon, which runs a free to play service, consistently offers SOMETHING each time they have some sort of issue. Granted, more often than not its really not very much, but they're still giving you something that they damn well don't owe. This is the service I've gotten used to in my almost 10 years of using their service.

And Mega, if you really want to know. Sending in a new ticket every couple of months is absolutely not the way to do it. Instead, you should edit your existing tickets. This essentially re-submits your ticket to them, while simultaneously retaining the initial ticket number and date sent. That means that they'll likely prioritize your ticket because they'll realize WOW SHIT HE'S BEEN WAITING SINCE 2011 WHO THE **** NEEDS TO GET FIRED AROUND HERE.

They still probably won't address your compromised account any further than they already have, nor would I expect them to address your issues with the Jump Event at this point, but you could probably get them to eventually address all of the other ones you've listed.

Also as for your issue with Steam, and I'm not sure if this will actually make any difference, but I assume you've already uninstalled and reinstalled the game?