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Default Nexon's horrible service.

Posting this all over Nexon forums so people know my story at least....

So I've been quietly just submitting tickets to Nexon for the past year or so, but this is getting freaking ridiculous. Every single event it seems Nexon forgets about my characters. I demand that something be done about this... Keep in mind I've submitted 2+ tickets for all of these...

Here's all the stuff that has happened to me over the last year or so. Keep in mind I do occasionally come back to play Vindictus just to run through the new episode stage and see the new bosses, then I quit till the next story update.

1. Got hacked in Vindictus about 3 years ago now and Nexon gave me $5 of NX to use, but wouldn't let me use it to buy newer stuff out of the cash shop. Ok...

2. Did not receive my free Skill Reset or Class Change coupon from the "Test-drive Your Skills!" event.

3. The very first Jump Event Dragon Nest had, I applied on the website. Nexon said that if you had registered the first day, you would have to again, so I did. Did I receive the character? Nope... (Nexon once again told me they can't help me)

4. The 2nd Jump Event they had that was to connect your Nexon account to Steam, I did that one as well. Still did not receive another free character.

5. The Tinkerer's Chapter 5 ending quest was glitched. Nexon auto closed that ticket, then I submitted another ticket about it. Never got any help with that. Thank God for the community that told me that the NPC you're supposed to talk to isn't the one it's telling you to talk to.

6. The Nexon account that I linked with Steam (for the Jump Event) is now glitched because I changed the email connected to it since then. Now it auto locks in my old email to log in with and will not let me change it. I've submitted tickets to both Nexon and Steam. Both of them telling me to contact the other and Nexon finally telling me that they can't help me. They gave me no reason why.

7. Finally the most recent problem was with the Lv. 60 Challenge Event. "Complete both Nests to receive "The Meteorologist" Title. Guess what I did not receive~ I even received the 2 sparks from the first 2 events, but not the title.

So thanks a lot Nexon for your crappy Customer Service and your awesome ability to overlook my account for pretty much every single event you've ever done in the last year or two. I'll make sure to tell everyone to stay as far away as possible from you guys unless they want to be severely disappointed by not receiving items that they rightfully earn.

I was really looking forward to getting 4 of my characters to level 60 for the free Robo Wings, but seeing as how you screw me out of every other event item, I seriously doubt I would get them even if I had 4 level 60 characters.

Thanks again Nexon for ruining one of my favorite online games. Hope Karma comes back to bite you in the ass sooner rather than later.

P.S. It's been 3 years since my account was hacked and I lost all my items on Vindictus from that massive hack wave where NEXON's SERVERS were breached and leaked our information. They never admitted that it was their fault and there are still many more people who were hacked that have long since quit. I guess Nexon was hoping to just sweep us under the rug. To this day I still have not received any help.