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Originally Posted by Shadow5YA
Yeah, but for Lord Knight the only magical skills he has are the base Geysers and Spiral Blast. A physical only debuff works wonders for his skillset.

Even if you stack Power Break twice, it's 27*2 = 54% reduction, which is still much less than Armor Break and only gives you one second to make full use of it.

Don't get me wrong: just 27% is still a lot, and Power Break is undoubtedly better and less situational for parties, but it still seems like an inferior solo damage increase compared to Armor Break... though I guess higher Water/Wind proc rates may compensate for that.
It's more on a support/utility sort of deal. I mean armor break is one of the reasons why LK is so OP'd compared to the rest of the characters; Of course it'd look weak if you try to compare it to that.

But the point I'm trying to make is that the overall defense reduction instead of a reduction on physical makes it more viable to have in a party if you have a mix of classes.