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Sword Eruption (100 mp Special) [Gale]
Summons two swords in front of you out of the ground, dealing multiple magical hits.
Yrs' Notes: A typical 100 mp ability. The damage isn't too bad for it's cost, and its anti situational on the damage. The range is fairly short though.

Fire Fist (40 mp Normal) [Annihilation]
Places your palm forward, and ignites the area in front of you to deal multiple hits of magic damage.
Each hit drains -2mp to compensate for how much mana it gives.
Yrs' Notes: Works exactly like Elsword's Fire fist, just a bit slower in activation.

Kick (30 mp Normal) [Annihilation]
Strikes your target with a knee hit, dealing low physical damage and reducing their KD count.

Yrs' Note: Just like Elsword's kick, this is essential in PvP to prolong your combos. Doesn't see too much use in PvE.

Burst Rising (200 mp Special Active) [Gale]
Summons two large swords to both sides of you, dealing multiple hits of magic damage and launching enemies into the air.
Yrs' Notes: Works like Elsword's rising slash. Just like Sword Eruption, the hits are anti situational,but you'll get a better damage output on wider targets.

Burst Wave (200 mp Special) [Annihilation]
Slams your sword into the ground to send a wave of fire forward, dealing a strong initial hit and additional hits as it travels.
Yrs' Notes: Works extremely similiar to Elesis' Wild Shock. This attack instead does not throw them into the air, and instead has a more reliable initial hit for damage. You'll see a larger damage output on targets that stay within the traveling flames.

Concentration Mastery (Passive)
Increases your critical rate and critical multipliers.

Yrs' note: This offers an indirect benefit to your annihilation skills, as the crit multiplier buff will increase it's damage on top of the defense penetration. It's also a nice bonus to your own crit rate, as this is a flat modifier applied after socket values. Unlike her other passive, this applies a benefit to all of your attacks.

Body of Fire (Passive)
Increases your fire resist and fire damage dealt from combo attacks.
Yrs' Note : Hoh boy...this is something I can't stress enough. The damage bonus is applied only to her combo attacks which use fire, limited to >>ZZZ, >>^XZ~Z, and >>ZX. This does not boost the damage of actives which fire. Although imo, the fire resist bonus is a tad bit OP; elemental resistance is incredibly valuable since it's so limited, and having a passive that can provide up to 250 of such is the eqvuilant of three armor attributes (and you only have 8 to work with for six different elements).

Inferno Blade (250 mp Special) [Annihilation]
Conjures up a flaming sword to deal a three-hit slash combo, each dealing significant magic damage, and the last hit sending targets flying.
Yrs' Notes: The damage is respectable for it's mp cost, topped off with an annihilation skill being 250 mp makes it pretty good for a nuking skill as well as clearing if you don't want to sacrifice damage for it.

Eternal Fire (300 mp Special) [Gale]
Unleashes a devastating pillar of flame where you stand, dealing continuous magic damage and launching enemies into the air.
Yrs' Notes: Your anti situational 300mp damage nuke. The damage isn't too bad, although the amount of hits is a turn off for some situations. Being a [Gale] skill, you can essentially use this twice in succession given that you're at max mana, chuggin pots, and you're sacrificing the entire gauge.

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