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Default Elesis - Pyro Knight Skill Guide

Just making a quick guide to run down Elesis/Pyro Knight's abilties. I can do this for other characters like EM if desired (Considering Lenne's are severely outdated)

This is basing off KR Elsword, and thus are using it's revamped skill tree. Images are taken from Elwiki.

I will not cover some of her passives, because they are shared between classes and I feel it's both redundant and a waste of time to put them here.

Elesis possess Way of the Sword, but hers function differently from Elsword.

[Annihilation] will grant her [Annihilation] attacks 100% crit and complete defense penetration. She will also be able to force a stoic roar by charging her WotS gauge (similiar to mana breaking.)

[Gale] will grant her [Gale] attacks 30% reduced mana cost, signifcantly reduced cooldowns (1 second in PvE, 3 second in PvP), and gives her [Gale] combo attacks reduced KD rate. And no, it does not give additional mana regen from actives hitting.

The way to read this, the Level and (SP) shows the level required to unlock the skill, and the amount of SP required to level up the skill respectively. Each skill I will include the mana cost, the attribute (Gale or Annihilation), and my personal input on it.

In each tier of the white section, you can only take up one of the two abilties. The skills on the red column are baseline, and you always have access to it without restriction.

Power Burster (150 mp Special) [Annihilation]
Slams your sword into the ground to erupt a geyser, dealing magical damage.
Yrs Notes: Your typical starter ability. It's nothing stellar imo, which makes it fall behind your future abilties.

Dodge Slash (30 mp Normal) [Gale]
Quickly dash forward with complete evasion. Can be followed up with an uppercut slash in super armor which launches your target.
Yrs Notes: Elesis' means of closing in through aggressive attacks. The total evasion and super armor makes this skill fairly safe for approaches and punishing predictable hits. Once you get this skill to level 10, you can perform an additional dash within the same cooldown.

Wild Shock (200 mp Special) [Annihilation]
Unleashes a red shockwave which ripples across the floor, dealing continuous magic damage and sending targets flying.
Yrs' Note: A stable skill for Elesis until she gets her 2nd job. Makes for good field clearing, and it's decent damage for bosses. You won't see much on super armored enemies though.

Rushing Blade (25 mp Normal) [Gale]
Dash forward in super armor to deal a swift slash. This can be done three times in succession (each slash costing 25 more mana) in either direction.
Yrs' Notes: For a normal skill, this does incredible damage, but it's mana cost will definitely rack up if you don't keep an eye on it. Definitely not one of the skills to spam at every given time, but it's strong in it's own right.

Sonic Assault - Stab (100 mp Special) [Annihilation]
Dashes forward with a multi hitting stab and burning targets.

Yrs' Notes : Works exactly like Elsword's Assault Slash. The damage isnt too bad for 100 mp. The travel distance is fairly slow and it ends with a KD.

Sonic Assault - Sting (100 mp Special) [Gale]
Swiftly dashes forward with a piercing stab, dealing high damagee to targets caught in your way.
Yrs' Notes : Compared to Stab, this deals a single hit over a longer range. On single targets, the damage potential on this skill is lower than Stab, but it makes for a better pack clearer.

Leap (30 mp Normal) [Annihilation]
Leaps forward a distance with super armor, landing with a sword slam that deals heavy hitstun.
Yrs' Notes : Another closing ability for Elesis. It works similiar to IP's Leap Attack, except her trajectory is more curved than a straight 90 degree drop after the max distance. She'll cover more distance if you perform it at a higher elevation, but there's still a set limit. There's a hitbox for both the leap and the landing.

Mega Slash (100 mp Special) [Annihilation]
Deals a single charged slash for high damage and burning them.
Yrs' Notes: Unlike Elsword's, this does not knock down. It makes for a decent single hit ability, but I feel that she has better skills later on.

Unlimited Blade (250 mp Special) [Gale]
Deals a series of quick slashes, ending with a final sword slam which sends targets flying.
Yrs' Notes : This skill has decent mp return, making it good for field clearing packs (assuming you don't kill them outright within the first 3 slashes). However, you'll see less use for this in party play due to the sheer chaos, and it slouches in damage output for it's cost.

Mega Burster (300 mp Special) [Annihilation]
Unleashes a massive eruption by slamming your sword into the ground, dealing damage and launching targets into the air.
Yrs' Notes: Your typical nuking skill. I honestly never liked the idea of having to expend 300 mp on a single skill knowing that you'd be left with 0 mp afterwards (but that's more or less because I'm an EM main). I've also heard that this has a habit of not hitting knocked down targets. The damage is fair for it's mana cost, but it's based off Magic (which is not Elesis' forte, esp if you're going Saber.)

I'll add in Pyro Knight skills later.

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