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Default Hi there folk, how are you doin..!?

Nice to meet you all!

I've been searching for a forum to stay and contribute to, I have been taking a look around this one and, hopefully, you'll allow me into your wonderful community!

My names Bruno, half dutchman, half brasilian~
I'm glad to have found this community, after lurking for a day or two, I assumed, by what I've seen, that this is a very nice community.

Enough about that, I guess I should introduce myself...!

As I said, I'm half half, I'm currently residing in the Nether(lands, heheh) for about ten years now~ The rest of my life I've spend in Brasil.

I am agnostic, and tend to avoid religious topics~ I tend to avoid drama.

I enjoy sailing, travelling, nordic/ western european, germanic, including benelux, and eastern asian history (although I'm openfor anykind, I know most about european history!)

Although I tend to like Japan, I've yet to dive into anime, since I am not very comminized with it, do give suggestions though, it's summer, so I'll have lots of spare time!

Ferthermore I enjoy science in general, mostly physics and mathematics and astronomy.

I am a great fan in multiculturuzing although I reject mass migration, I appreciate and love to learn aboutdifferent cultures, though I have strong pridein my own, too!

I love vidya but am currently unable to play any becuse I'm on vacation, in Crete! Though I did buy Fire emblem; Awakening and am enjoying it inbetween the trips across this marvelous, huge rocky island filled with olive trees.

My favourite colours are indigo, cyan and mostly tinted colours.
My taste in music includes Electroclash, house, grunge,
alternative, indie, techno and quite alot more!

My dream job would be something along the lines of real estate investment banking for a smaller bank, which is what my uncle does.

I tend to be an open minded, happy individual that loves al kinds of humour!

Do you have any comments or questions? Feel free to post them, I'd much appreciate it!

I'm sorry for the wall of text, and the spelling/grammatic errors within it, I've been writing this on an ipad which hurt my wrist/fingers, so I had to take breaks inbetween, that I have dyslexia doesn't help this fact, either! Though I thought some of you enjoyed long introductions as much as I do, apologies to the ones that don't!

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