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Originally Posted by Vyserg
X-3 and SS Unicorn are still strong and play well in Gen 6. Oddly enough, while both are still extremely powerful among S ranks, you barely see anyone using them anymore.(on KR atleast) But, it's understandable with all the influx of S ranks + all SR ranks being back in capsule. X-3 was also announced for Gundam Extreme Vs Full Boost yesterday. Yay.
Originally Posted by FonSpark
X3: good
SS Unicorn: very good

Dunno how good is S Unicorn in Kr nowaday though, since I don't own it in Kr.
Great, X-3 is my next suit then.

Yeah, same here on HK too, nowadays it's rare to see X-3 users, that's why i'm wondering.
Then again, same goes for 007s as well (even though i still can see it once in a while, unlike X-3), perhaps people just get bored after using the suit too much.

Thanks for the feedback guys.
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