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Originally Posted by Light
Except now they're giving cash shop stuff for free which fully contradicts the purpose of a business.
They started doing it once they gave up on lunia. No new content=boredom=Yo guys i quit
Ever since I heard of that I knew that Lunia's time would be over and they're letting the community enjoy the perks while they can, that's the only real way to attract customers since it's basically a legal private server.

When they developed Myth it was neat at first but it became clear that it was overwriting 70% of what they already developed, which again contradicts business practices by making a majority of your game tedious and obsolete.
QFT, stages since hen became just time fillers no purpose at all
Because of the unusual contradicting business practices I don't trust Allm to know what they're doing when it comes to Kritka either, it may be fun for a few months or a year but then something will come along to ruin the experience. I'd be surprised if they didn't.
Nothing more to say
If the other versions of Lunia are doing the stipend then I don't even know how Allm is getting any money to stay afloat.
RB+Myth were the best way to allow newbs to catch-up. Easy to level+ strength of character based on stats instead of leveling. Forcing people to reset their levels (until some point when they released rb books that do not reset your level). Besides before rb and myth we got x-10 exp boost. Endless 5-10L runs were the same as endless myth, the thing is that our eq changed and 6x levels to 7x levels
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