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Originally Posted by Light
Though I expect Kritika to suffer the same fate that Lunia did, it should be fun for a while.
I can't agree with you, as you know community had grown through time peroid from new sq patch to some point when m4 or m5 was released to it's peak. Allm knows it's worked once, so it would work again. Encourage as many people as possible with cash shop stuff etc. Do not let pro/hardcore community stand above the others (godlike) to the point that woudn't be able to reach with some time playing game and cash shop (just like rb did). It makes some people quit, but allows new people to play game, use cash shop "boosters" and to catch up the players that play for much longer. It's like perpetum mobie. Make a system that allows the community flow and extend existence of the game. I'm gonna stick with that otherwise everything that allm did makes no sense.
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