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Originally Posted by Arietta
There is no supply of myth equipment at all in the marketplace, at least for INT classes. I just searched... I don't get what you're talking about with the excess supply. Unless everyone is discarding their myth equipment and not selling it... o_O
I did not find a SINGLE piece of correctly priced Foriel/Wildur/Zugren equipment at all
When I left, M4 was the new thing and people basically gave away their lunia god items in favor of M3 and M4 gear and only new players farmed M1.

Since those gears suck in comparison to the M5 and M6 gear, it's understandable why you don't see much of them since no one cares to farm for them.
After all why have a 2k strength item when you can have a 8k one.

That is why being a new player to myth really sucks in comparison to vets, and yes the repetitive nature really kills the game, especially since stages are worthless and you're forced to put up with them after every rebirth.

Originally Posted by Arietta
It's way too hard for people who are actually appropriately leveled/equipped for the stages, and way too easy for those who have those DD equipment. Let's see, people who are wearing Wildur/Zugren stuff chip away at M3/M4 boss health like a woodpecker and die from most attacks in one hit despite the fact that these equips are what you're supposed to be wearing at this stage. While those people wearing DD kills the boss in like 3 hits. This is probably the most imbalanced game I've ever seen. Now I get why most people say that Myth/rebirth are the worst things to happen to this game. I agree. Back during beta (forgot if it was closed or open), I really enjoyed Lunia because no one was ridiculously overpowered, and it actually took some skills to play the game. Everyone was grinding 6-10 because that was as far as most people got, and it was very hard yet rewarding. The best people can get is to enchant stuff into cold shining. Now Lunia is just a f*cking grindfest where you get some guy with 99999999999 strength and 100 rebirths to run straight through a myth stage in like 1 minute, then hope the boss chest actually drops, then repeat this about 50 times a day. No skill required whatsoever. In fact you don't even need to attack, because the damage you do will be completely pointless when the guy three-hit-KOs any boss.
Welcome to Lunia as of 2009.
You'll feel right at home here as we constantly get annoyed over what happened to the once fun game that did involve skill.

Where we remember the more peaceful time when every small number meant something and being able to survive Daru, Lir, Regal, Dungeons and Bonus 2-10 stage meant something.

Though I expect Kritika to suffer the same fate that Lunia did, it should be fun for a while.

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