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There is no supply of myth equipment at all in the marketplace, at least for INT classes. I just searched... I don't get what you're talking about with the excess supply. Unless everyone is discarding their myth equipment and not selling it... o_O
I did not find a SINGLE piece of correctly priced Foriel/Wildur/Zugren equipment at all, and I'm pretty sure all the servers share the same marketplace. Just a bunch of dumbasses trying to raise the average price by making their price completely stupid. I needed a better weapon, and the only weapon I found in the entire marketplace was some dumbass trying to sell a pretty basic Zugren weapon for 400G, when the average price is like 300G.
And the fact that almost 100% of the time you get some garbage like "damaged soul x 1" from boss chests... yeah no wonder people left this repetitive grindy game. What's the point of playing when beating the stages offers no reward whatsoever?

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