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Originally Posted by Arietta
- Why does Myth 3 boss Wildur sometimes not appear, and one of his minions appear instead (Nephron or whatever he's called)? Kind of disappointing to hack through this difficult level then the boss decides to not appear, thus no boss chest
It has always been this way, it's basically the Russian roulette of Myth, if you score the main boss then great! If not then bite the bullet and do the entire stage again then hope he appears.

If the boss appears you get the god chest with the best equipment items inside (if you're lucky to get one), if you get one of the two demon monsters then you get incarnation chests which provide an alright equipment item but not even close to the power of the god one.

Originally Posted by Arietta
I'm playing as Yuki. Since rebirth skills are stronger versions of their normal version, should I just max the rebirth skills and abandon some normal versions? For instance should I have 11/11 in "true ice giant's fist" and 0/11 in "ice giant's fist", or 6-7 points in each?
You'd want both to spam in rapid succession, since rebirth gives millions of SP then you'll have them both anyway.

Originally Posted by Arietta
- Is the level 75 skills "ice spear" worth putting more than 1 point? It seems pretty crappy, basically just a stronger version of ice giant's fist except with a HUGE cooldown. To be honest I expected something way cooler for Yuki's 2nd ultimate skill
As stated above, with rebirth you get unlimited SP so it may suck now but in due time you can max it with spare points and see if it's worth using.

Originally Posted by Arietta
Should I max both "cold dragon heart" and "true cold dragon heart"? They're pretty useless for normal enemies but are amazing boss killers. Using both skills one after the other will pretty much take down 1/5 of a Myth boss' health
Hell yes, one of the best skills to have.

Originally Posted by Arietta
Is there even any point doing bonus stages? I tried bonus 1 with a friend and it was pretty much impossible. We were both level 71, and to kill 40 monsters with ridiculous amount of HP in 5 minutes? We barely killed 30. Yet the level requirement for bonus is only level 65. What kind of level 65 player can make it through bonus, unless his equips are all cold shining + 15? I saw a youtube of a level 87 guy doing bonus 1, and he BARELY made it, lol. I don't PvP so I have no need for non-myth gear, or am I mistaken?
My character is mainly for stage/myth mode.
There used to be a purpose for bonus stage, it was the extension of staging taken to the extreme.
Because staging is obsolete the bonus stages are just there if you're bored of Myth.

It also used to be a very big money grab, those ancient dragon boxes from bonus 2 sold for a nice fortune, now it's so easy for people to OHKO the bosses that it's not worth anything anymore.

Damn I sure miss those good old days when you have to be skillful to get anything worthwhile.

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