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Noctis is just really niceNoctis is just really niceNoctis is just really niceNoctis is just really niceNoctis is just really nice

Originally Posted by Yakuza53
I think i'm actually the only "high" level without cash i'm a pure gp lvl 48 lire so it's cool i'm only semi-pro and high lvl without cash so of course you can do it

I would give it a 9.5/10

Don't trust too much in the ScreenShots most make it look stupid it's a lot better trust me

Really it's up to you i picked lire to be unique because not many use her and i'm doing good so get them all to lvl 10 or so and see what you like best

Hope to see you ingame ^_^
P.S. This game has BY FAR the best PvP of any game i've EVER played
Lol. Lire to be unique? I guess in the beginning when most people didn't look around at the different characters and just mindlessly started playing Elesis it was unique to play Lire. Now, it's not so much. Just a kind of spread across the board.

What everyone says about money is true. You'll get PLENTY from doing dungeons and pvp. You'll even find yourself buying gems when you don't need them just to waste some money. Which is what I recommend when you have too much money. Blow it on some gems. You're gonna need it.

For starting character, it's up to you. I would recommend trying each of them out to see which suits you best.

I rate the game 8/10. I love the game.