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Originally Posted by AnaSyami
No one wants to be the first example to a punishment (not like this is the first time something like this has happened). So why not just learn to stop doing it? People really think you can say anything you want behind a computer screen and actually think you wont get in trouble for it ever. Well, you are wrong. I get that on league people say all kinds of crazy things in a joking way but it's facebook. I don't see how he wouldn't think before writing something like that on facebook. People report all kinds of things on social networks. More so now than ever, and just for other people's safety it has to be taken seriously.
As dumb or minor this may seem, everyone can learn from it. Be careful what you say on social networks because you indeed can get in deep problems for it. Not everyone takes things as a joke, it's why it's just best to stay away from touchy subjects when you want to joke on those networks.
You honestly think this 19 year old kid deserves this!?

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