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Originally Posted by Ethane
No, because this is where sound judgment should come into play. The facts are some 19 year old kid said something about killing and "eating hearts" () and then immediately following up with "lol just kidding". This same kid has no criminal record whatsoever. There's no good reason whatsoever to panic and assume this kid's next move is to go out and spree kill. It's even dumber to throw him into jail. It's even more idiotic to put a $500,000 bond on him like he or his family could hope to pay it.

Sandy Hook, Aurora, Columbine, and 9/11 are not and have never been reasons for us in America to freak out over every single damn thing like this kid's facebook message. That's just being excessively paranoid. "Well but what if it does happen?" Well, then it happens. Even if we are so paranoid about things that a mouse fart makes us jump, that's not going to somehow magically prevent some crazy nutcase from lashing out like they have before.
Oversensitivity as usual. If we applied this (insert easily discernible joke/overexaggeration crime here) = he's serious, jail him! Thing to everyone, after all, that would be fair, then...

Just about all my friends, myself included, should be in jail. And most of you on these forums too. (90%+ of the population on earth actually...) Stupid as shit.