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Originally Posted by acss
Let me update back my own post a bit, compensation had already announced by this morning, which are as below. Basically its just what you receive in KR server

Item Compensation
Level protector (normal storage and salary box)- each 3500 G
Level protector (gift box) - turn to lp coupon, player can choose to exchange for 3500G, part slot expansion x 18 or custom gashapon extender x 18
EX Skill part - turn to coupon, exchange for 4000G, part slot expansion x 20 or custom gashapon extender x 20
100% OC Chip - exchange for 10000G, part slot expansion x 50 or custom gashapon extender x 50
100% OC Chip VIP - exchange for 15000G , slot expansion x 75 or custom gashapon extender x 75

OC Compensation
OC 5 - Operator Type F 1 day, 3000G and exp pack 1000 full x 3
OC 6 - Operator Type F 3 days , 5000G and exp pack 1000 full x 5
OC EX - Operator Type F 7 days, 10000G and and exp pack 1000 full x 10
arigato for the update news sniper chan...
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