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95% sure she's a new character now. Still wondering how they're going to deal with a character that lore-wise should be stronger than the others.

The Elsword world never seemed like the same as GC's for me, though. Especially the nasod stuff.
Maybe it's because we actually see the world.

1. Barren Sander monster pattern tweaked.
Nerfed? Do they intend to add new missions soon?

1. Skill tree line open conditions changed to count character level only.
- You can open skill trees if you achieve required levels.
Nice, a bit less SP waste.

Counter Chance(Passive)
- SP required for the skill increased and SP required for leveling decreased.
......what does that mean. The SP cost per level is fixed per skill.
I'm just avoiding that skill now, as it seems incredibly nerfed and wasteful compared to the previous 100% chance it used to have. And I liked it so much.

Sword Wave
- Range Decreased