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Originally Posted by SeptimusPrime
Artemis? She has an instant-heal?

Anyway, here is my updated monster box. I would love to hear everyone's thoughts, as always.
You're thinking the wrong God, it's Ceres he's talking about.

And you can form quite a few number of teams, most notably the Horus x16 team that you won't regret.

Your rank is quite high already too, exactly what teams have you been using up to now? o_O

Originally Posted by gutssk
ok so I need your pro advice.

I'm trying to max out an horus team and here are my 2 options:
Team 1 - Horus (L99), Echidna (L60), Viper (L37), Susanonomikoto (L30), SOD Lucifer (L67)
Team 2 - Horus (L99, Echidna (L60), Viper (L37), Hera (1st form L6), Valk (1st form level 7)

My 1st team would be easier to max level, but I am curious if susano is worth it when viper and naga give a lot of delay. Hera and valk would provide more damage then a luc + susano and valk+hera can get max skill up easy compared to luc + susano. What would you suggest? I really don't want to spend any more money in the REM to get a hades or venus =[ The 2nd team would also take much longer to level since I only have 1st form hera and valk so I'm unsure on what I should do.
Hmm, both of them are good, but if you can't level that fast resulting lower HP, team 1 would be a better choice as Susano's defensive skill can help you.

Also, excuse me for laughing, but Susano can max his skill much MUCH MUCH easier than Hera lol (Hera could take you 20~30 stones to max it).


And for my accomplishment today :3

Ate 6 more Fire Eco girls to get the last 2 skill up, and now my Fire Toy is done~

Plus farming enough Dragon Plants to evolve bunch of my penguins, and now Ice Hera's maxed level~

Not planning to level Echidna for now, so my goal for Horus team is now to start training the skill of both Hera and Hades...

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