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ok so I need your pro advice.

I'm trying to max out an horus team and here are my 2 options:
Team 1 - Horus (L99), Echidna (L60), Viper (L37), Susanonomikoto (L30), SOD Lucifer (L67)
Team 2 - Horus (L99, Echidna (L60), Viper (L37), Hera (1st form L6), Valk (1st form level 7)

My 1st team would be easier to max level, but I am curious if susano is worth it when viper and naga give a lot of delay. Hera and valk would provide more damage then a luc + susano and valk+hera can get max skill up easy compared to luc + susano. What would you suggest? I really don't want to spend any more money in the REM to get a hades or venus =[ The 2nd team would also take much longer to level since I only have 1st form hera and valk so I'm unsure on what I should do.