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10. Equipment

Whee. AC and LK galore.

Level 1-20:
  • Nothing special. Equip things that add AC or LK if you can find them.

Level 20-40:
  • [Level 20/30/40:] Novice/Journeyman/Master Gold/Silver Ring

    If you're lucky, you can get ones with large amounts of AC. Hunter Yuri gives the box for Novice and Journeyman at Gate of Desert Beach and the box for Master at Path to Desert Beach. Comp with AC Stone 35s, if you can.

Level 40-60
  • [Level 42:] Acceptance Trunks

    Old but still useful. You get these by chance from Runner-Up Elliot in Phantom School with his quest, Searching for Study Note. Compound LK on with Four-Leaf Clovers (from drilling in Poppuri Dungeon) or LK Stone 35s.

    [Level 50:] Nono Ring

    Prize from Episode 1. Adds a nice chunk of AC and replaces Acceptance Trunks once you can wear your Sign of Creation. Compound with AC Stone 50s or Tree Sap from Tritches.

    [Level 60:] Sign of Creation

    Your job change ring. Compound with AC Stone 50s or Tree Sap from Tritches.

Level 60-275
  • [Level 70:] Rhythm Earrings

    Just as old as the Acceptance Trunks, just as good. If you can comp them with more AC than your Sign of Creation, pop it on. Get this from Rhythm-Deaf Chris and his quest for 15 Metronomes. Compound with Colored Paper (Chameleon Frogs if you have another character to kill them for you) or AC Stone 65s.
  • [Level 130] Your Guardian from 3rd Job Change: Agate or Topaz.

    Nice-ish. They add decent amounts of AC. Compound with AC Stone 125s.

  • Nothing all too great for a long time (excluding boss rares).

  • [Level 275:] Trickster Ring

    This sucker is way late game. You get it from finishing Techichi's Key Quest. Compound with AC Stone 275s or MyShop AC Magic Stones 275.

  • Boss Rares!

    They all add rather incredible amounts of AC, even if they are for sword wielding people. In fact, aim high and shoot for the Pirate Set from Pirate Karan, the only boss set for Gunners. Equip the other boss set accessories as replacements.

Your chunk of defense. Stylish and, sometimes, a little weird.
  • [Level 20-35] No real fancy ones. Equip anything.

  • [Level 35] Pharaoh's Hat

    Only if you can get it early. Comp with AC Stone 35s.

  • [Level 50] Focus Steel Helmet

    Lasts a while. All the way until level 70, when you can farm for your Pharaoh's Hat. Compound with AC Stone 50s or Tree Saps from Tritches.

  • [Level 70] Pharaoh's Hat

    Now it's possible for you to get it yourself and not buy or mooch it off a higher level character. Comp with AC Stone 35s.

  • [Level 110] Focus Buckler Cap

    Technically adds the same stats as your Pharaoh's Hat but you can compound more AC on it, due to the higher level stones. Compound with AC Stone 110s or Milk Vetch Seeds from drilling in Swamp Dungeon.

    After this, the assumption is that you don't bother to boss hunt and just get your hats from quests.

  • [Level 125] Focus Nasal Helm

    Replacement for your Focus Buckler Cap. Compound with AC Stone 125s or Milk Vetch Seeds.

  • [Level 140] Focus Headpiece

    Replacement for your Focus Nasal Helm. Compound with AC Stone 140s.

  • [Level 170] Focus Diadem

    Replacement for your Focus Headpiece. Compound with AC Stone 170s or Neurotoxins from Aabons.

  • [Level 185] Focus Head Bucket

    Replacement for your Focus Diadem. Compound with AC Stone 185s.

  • [Level 215] Focus Mithril Helm

    Replacement for your Focus Head Bucket. Compound with AC Stone 215s.

  • [Level 275] Focus Helm of Honor

    Replacement for your Focus Mithril Helm. Compound with AC Stone 275s.

  • I'm out of picture space. So...all the Precise guns you get from Key Quests and the gun from the Pirate Set. That's it.

  • Young Egg
  • Peng
  • Baby Lion
  • Megalo UFO (mildly depressing but this is your end game pet unless you get an event pet.)
  • Event Pets

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