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and done...

wow, that was a long read. found this thread a week ago after just discovering this game and read through the amazing guide (thanks for that, btw).

somehow I kept scrolling and scrolling and soon I found myself reading the entire damned thread.

though I, in no way, consider myself a pro, I can say I have such a deeper understanding about the mechanics, the possible teams, the JP/US differences, etc... from all of your experiences. good stuff, all of it.

I rerolled on my main account until I couldn't take it anymore (really wanted to dig in) and finally settled on a Great Valkyrie (was probably 20th reroll). well, my second REM roll was a Cupid (meh), but I decided to give the Healer team a go. It's been pretty fun actually.

Here's what I've collected so far:


I've been mostly using stones to build up my storage capacity, but I did manage to save up a try at the most recent US Godfest and received a Kagutsuchi (not the greatest, but still excited I got him).

thanks for the awesome read. i'll be checking in as much as I can.