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With the max being 8 skill slots, every class should still have more than enough skills to fill those slots.
Which is why this update seems to really screw over people with B slots. After they lowered the level requirements for skills, I think you can't max 8 (good) skills along with passives, so you can't have a full setup.

I didn't. I went straight for a planner immediately, and I doubt I'm in the minority.
Well, I started pretty early on, there probably wasn't even a wiki back then. I remember the skill tree was a large... well, TREE, before the previous tree system showed up.

I saw the trailer, and am still doubtful she's going to be a character. It's so early I'm afraid of this going the Grand Chase route with too many characters, but it makes sense that they'd rush her to try and mitigate the damage from this update.
But their marketing tends to be pretty random, so I'll just wait and see what it really is. Could be something completely new.

Also Elsword is totally a girl there.