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8. Levelling Guide

Note: It appears some parts of my current guide are out of date. Ntreev seems to have changed the game into forcing people to do the Key Quests so alternative places to train (excluding Phantom School) don't work anymore. They will be coloured red for you to avoid (because taking them out requires rewriting and I don't want to).

Levels 1-15:

Okay, so you’re on a boat. A boat that’s OBVIOUSLY NOT MOVING. So, as you are certainly not seasick, head to the bottom part of the map, up the stairs and to the talking monkey thing called Monkey_T. Finish the dialogue and you should get a Bad Check from him.

So, you have a check. Now, head back to the top of the map and talk to the Captain. He’ll ask if you want to go do the “event” for EXCLUSIVE PRIZES. Say you’ll participate in the event. Because if you don’t, you’ll be running around in no equips until level 5.

After the event, you should land in Blooming Cora. Talk to Guild Clerk Esther and she will send you on a mission to REGISTER FOR THE GAME. She’s extremely demanding, I’m telling you now. Also, check your card inventory. There should be a skill card called Stone Shower and you can learn it for no TM points. It helps in the early levels before you get a gun.

Anyways, after every quest, you should get a Wing of Return. Head to the store and sell them. They’re heavy, they’re useless since the maps are so small that walking is fast, and they’re worth 1,500g in the shop.

When you’re finished the quests, you should be around level 11-12. Talk to Esther again to get your prizes and finish Chapter 1. Then head to Coral Field 4 and do Hunter Yuri’s quests until level 15 where you will get a leaf for a hat. I liked that leaf. It was a nice leaf. Keep it if you want, but your duckquips will serve you better.

*Note: There’s a quiz that allows you to grab 5 free Bronze Gemstones which you need for a quest in the future. You should talk to Blacksmith Marx for more info.*

Levels 15-35:

And here come more story quests for you to do.

First, you might want to do Driller Marky's quest of digging up two Tanning Oils in Beach Field 7 - Delta Island. If you have enough patience to do so, you'll get a cuddly little Penguin named Pengy for your efforts. He's also worth 50 Galders so it's rather pointless to sell him. But isn't he adorable!?

Don Giuvanni is awaiting your arrival at the Gate of Desert Beach where he will make you do errands for him and dig up sand-covered Oasis Water and an Empty Potion Bottle in Beach Field 5 - Sand Palace for Episode 0: Chapter 2.

Anyways, do what he says, make your way to Desert Beach and do the series of quests Monsieur Bodyguard asks you to do. He'll give you a hologram port that teleports you to a hologram of Don Cavalier who explains the reason why you’re on the island. Kind of.

By the time you finish the Chapter 2 story quests, you should be around level 18-19 and ready to move on to the next part of the Revo quests. Here, you could pick between two different options:
  • You could do Hunter Yuri's quests in the Monster Guild again and kill Golden Moles.

  • You could dig for quest items for the Key Quest if you wish to do it.

*Note: If you choose the latter, you should be around level 27-28 after the Chapter 3 Revo Quests. The former leaves you at level 25.*

If you found a Strong Wooden Helmet while drilling or bought an Ult. Wooden Helmet, equip it. It’s a good hat and the defence is definitely needed. So, now you should be carrying a Sleek Gun and wearing either a leaf, wooden helmet, or a decapitated duck for a hat. Good for you.

Then, at level 20, Episode 0: Chapter 3 story quests are available to you. Andrew, in Paradise, wants you to create a “network” of people and so he sends you off to collect eight Welcome Seals from various NPCs. Each of those NPCs want you to collect something for them as well. I compiled a list for you:
  • Steve Ryu: 5 Bouquets from Hula Octopus
  • Don Giuvanni: 1 Jenny’s Picture B from drilling in Beach Field 4 - Parasol River
  • Clever Owl: 10 Duck Mole’s Feathers from Golden Moles
  • Kristopher J: 5 Salts from drilling in Beach Field 7 - Delta Island
  • Dorothy: Since we’re Lions, she asks for 6 Noctilucent Stars from Fanta Slimes
  • Officer Tera: 3 Illegal CDs from Grumpy Octopus
  • Old Artist: 1 Paper from the shop or drilling and 1 Colouring Set from Fanta Fish
  • Rosemary: 2 Swimsuits from drilling in Beach Field 4 - Parasol River

At the end, talk to Andrew again and he’ll give you a Health Seal and you’ll be left on your own again. It’s preferable that you do the Key Quest but you could also just move to Southeast Forest and kill Pochis (level 35) or Green Chipmunks (level 39).

But for you unfunded people that want a decent weapon, here’s another item list for you:
  • Homeless Ian: 15 Flower Necklaces from Hula Octopus
  • Bunny Maid: 15 Octopus Legs and the 5 Empty Buckets you got from Homeless Ian
  • Al-Hauri: The 5 Fully Filled Buckets you got from Bunny Maid.
  • Miranda Watty: 15 Pine Bong Masks from Pineapples
  • Vagabond Eloy: 15 Sun Creams from drilling in Beach Field 5 - Sand Palace

Sandman (Key Quest):
  • 5 Desert Stickers from the previous quests
  • 5 Sand Grains, 1 Sandglass, and 1 Legendary Recipe from Sand Demons
  • 2 Limestones, 1 Oasis Water, and 1 Garden Trowel from drilling in Beach Field 6 - Statue of Anubis
  • 1 Glyph Cornerstone from drilling in Pyramid Dungeon

When that’s all over, you get a Weapon Ticket A that you can exchange for a Precise Wood Gun which is a rather decent weapon for unfunded players. Refine it if you can/want and comp it with AC, since it's the best gun you'll have for a while. Now, go kill Pochis and Green Chipmunks until level 35. Bleh, that was long.

*Note: In Southwest Forest, Love Hunter Robin has a TM quest. Do it all five times and then collect 25 Multi-vitamins for Vagabond Eloy in Southeast Forest.*

Levels 35-50:

The Card Girl besides the portal to Poppuri Dungeon has a Card Quest for you. Card Quests are quests that require you to get a card that matches the riddle. For example, the riddle “It looks like a snowball, but attacks like a flurry!” requires you to get a Sppo card in Poppuri Dungeon. Finish the quest and then head back into Megalopolis.

In Megalopolis, there’s a girl who teleports you to Gate of Oops Wharf that you have to pass through to get to Phantom School where ANOTHER quest awaits you. Unfortunately, you might not have Gate of Oops Wharf registered just yet so run through Southwest Forest and Path to Oops Wharf to get there. Register at Kochi and pay 1,500g to get to the town. Once there, run to the top of the map and into the portal to Path to Phantom School. Run through and you should be at your destination, Phantom School.

Love Hunter Robin, right outside the school, has a quest for you to kill 20 Ghost Books (level 51) in 20 minutes. Do the quest 5 times.

When it’s done, head back to Megalopolis and do the Forest Wasp TM quests from the Love Hunter Robin in Southwest Forest. Then, if you want, head back to Phantom School because there are three quests that you could do that reward you very handsomely:
  • Shaman Jia - Trying to Save Phantom School: 9 Dead Tree Pens and 9 Dead Tree Quill Pens.
  • Runner-Up Elliot - Searching for Genealogy: 25 Study Notes
  • Toilette Mara - Searching for Tissues: 20 Red Tissues and 5 Blue Books

After that, just train on insects at Southwest Forest or Leaf Birds and Mandragoras at Path to Caballa Relics until level 50, preferably the latter as Wise Hen has a quest that lets you level up once or twice for only the low, low price of 25 Hulled Millets from Leaf Birds. But if you're tired of grinding, you can start Episode 1: Chapter 1 at level 45.

IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ! At level 40, you get a gift box in the MyShop tab. In it is a Stallion Sprint which makes you run faster for a while. So, should you open it or sell it? The reason I’m asking this is that these boxes sell for around 1.5m – 3m EACH. And you need to buy 3 cheques of 100k from Andrew for Job Change. It’s your choice. There are also other ways to get 300k namely selling Clione Cards and Books of the Dead. Otherwise known as effort. Which sucks.

Level 50 (Job change!):

Long, long ago, before the Revolution Patch, level 50 Tricksters had to drill for items that the NPCs wanted for job change. Now, you have to kill a level 60 boss (Kaboom) for a badge and pay 300k for 3 cheques. So, collect the money, beat the boss, get your Clever Lion Badge, and job change at either Azteca or Megalopolis.

Level 50-70:

Hurray! Finally, you’re an Inventor and now it’s time to reach Cyber Hunter or Scientist. I’d probably say just do most quests in Azteca and Oops Wharf including Episode 1 which will take you straight to level 70. *Note: If you do 1 Hunter Yuri’s Monster quest and 1 Assistant Hunter’s Monster quest, you can do 5 Hunter Master’s quests for 5 Hat Ticket Bs. Those 5 tickets can be exchanged at Mint for either a Focus Steel Helmet or a Wise Wood Gear.*

On the other hand, you could kill Sea Tigers and Ironclad Turtles at Path to Oops Wharf until level 60 and then go to Black Swamp to do all 25 Electric Snail quests.

As per usual, a list of items for you quest people to collect:
  • Guide Sabrina – Contributing to the Fund: 5 Golden Eggs from drilling on Caballa Relics maps and 25 Gold from Mimics
  • Guide Sabrina – Catch that Thief: 1 Yellow Monkey Fur from Fairy Feria – False Charge
  • Fairy Feria – False Charge: 25 Patterned Pottery and 25 Plain Pottery from drilling in Caballa Relics maps
  • Officer Tera – Aposis Data Collection: 10 Aposis Sticks from Aposis and 10 Aposis Statues from drilling in Caballa Relics maps
  • Genius Cochma – Launch! Caballa V! : 1 Steel Punch, 1 Steel Body, 1 Steel Heart and 1 Laser Eyes from the 4 Dr. Cats’ quests.
  • Dr. Cat – Caballa V-Steel Punch: 25 Flying Weights from Lima and 10 Lapis Penna from drilling Relics Dungeon.
  • Dr. Cat – Caballa V-Steel Heart: 25 Ancient Dice from Naranjo and 10 Tortoise Shells from drilling in Relics Dungeon.
  • Dr. Cat – Caballa V-Steel Body: 25 Ancient Jars from Chibcha and 10 Malachite from drilling in Relics Dungeon.
  • Dr. Cat – Caballa V-Laser Eyes: 25 Eyes of the Sun from Lima and 10 Selinolite from drilling in Relics Dungeon.

Fortune Teller – Caballa Stickers:
  • 10 Caballa Stickers from the Azteca quests.

Fortune Teller – Borrow Gold Silk Pouch:
  • 1 Gold Silk Pouch from Keeper Julio on Relics Field 1 and your Adventurer’s Book.

Keeper Julio – Recover Julio’s Key:
  • 1 Julio’s Key from Lima. *Note: Finish Borrow Gold Silk Pouch before giving the Gold Silk Pouch back to Julio.*

Keeper Julio – Return Gold Silk Pouch:
  • 1 Gold Silk Pouch and your Adventurer’s Book.

Those are just the Azteca quests. Finish up, exchange the ticket for a Precise Antique Gun, and head to Gate to Oops Wharf for more happyhappy questing fun. /sarcasm

And the list, as usual:
  • Rosemary – Make a Luxury Coat: 25 Tiger Blankets from Sea Tigers
  • Sophia – Let’s be Healthy! : 10 Turtle Shells and 10 Ironclad Turtle’s Eggs from Ironclad Turtles.
  • Grandpa Tango – Destination: Sea Palace! : 5 Sea Palace Tickets from Ironclad Turtles
  • Fortune Teller – Fend Off Ghosts! 1: 50 Blue Soul Bottles from Requi.
  • Fortune Teller – Fend Off Ghosts! 2: 50 Red Soul Bottles from Quiem.
  • Fortune Teller – Fend Off Ghosts! 3: 25 Crow’s Claws from Crow.
  • Officer Tera – Fend Off Pirates! 1: 50 Pirate Hoods from Black Foe.
  • Officer Tera – Fend Off Pirates! 2: 50 Pirate Eye Patches from Master Foe.

Mighty Captain Stan – Looking for an Apprentice:
  • Just talk to him. The quest ends after that.

Skipper Min – Min’s Favour:
  • 7 Oops Wharf Stickers from the previous Oops Wharf quests.

Mighty Captain Stan – Lost Logs:
  • 1 Voyage Log pg. 9 from Master Foe, 1 Voyage Log pg. 25 from Quiem, and 1 Voyage Log pg. 31 from Requi.

Skipper Min – Min’s Weakness:
  • 5 Nausea Drinks and 5 Nausea Patches from drilling in Wharf Field maps as well as your Adventurer’s Book.

We’re still not finished with the quests. Exchange the Weapon Ticket C for a Precise Metal Gun. And now you're level 70. PARTY HARD, LIONBOY, PARTY HARD! -dances-

Now that you're level 70, you can start farming Tut in Pyramid Dungeon for his almost-but-not-quite unique set. Gun weak, he is! YAAAAY!

After you get your new helmet or hat or whatever, go back to Azteca and talk to Monkey_T to start Episode 1: Chapter 1 if you didn't start it at level 45. The guide for the Episode quests is in the wiki: Current Trickster Wiki

When you finish the Episode 1 quests, you should be around level 70 to 75. Finish any Card Quests you still have and head to Phantom School for another TM quest for Tritches. Ignore the fact that Tritches are Gun Resistant. Power Shot mows right through.

After that, you're pretty much free from the onslaught of quests for about five seconds. Then it's time to head to Mermaid Palace, home of the creepy Mermaid Babes. Yippee.

Well, I doubt you'd want to spend the next five hours of your life mumbling under your breath in a possessive fashion while watching "Item not found!" pop up, cheerfully, on your screen. Or spend it cursing the creepy Mermaid Babes as you pound them in the face with your gun. So, here's a break time.

Stock up on large amounts of MP and HP pots, bullets, and effort at Gate to Oops Wharf because we're going after a huge chunk of TM exp, pretty much vomited on you by a leery Monkey_T.

From Gate to Oops Wharf, head out to the next map, Wharf Field 1 - Haunted Town. You've been here before and, as you know, it's swarming by almost cute and Gun Weak Requis and Quiems. We're going after Quiems and stealing their Eternal Life Grass.

Now, that evil demon monkey asks for 10 of these suckers 25 times, leading to a painfully grand total of 250 Eternal Life Grassii? Just grass? I have no idea.

Anyways, do as many as you want and head out to your (postponed) Mermaid Palace.


9. Combat Tactics

You hit and you run far, far away until you can reload again. Then you run up to it again and shoot again. Then you run away again. Rinse and repeat. Don’t forget to gargle. Note: This set of instructions is before you get Loading on the Move. Then you can really just hit and run. Like, shoot, run until the bar is filled, shoot. Etc. Etc. Etc.

2. Tank every hit and time your shots.
I used this without Invincible Reloading before I realized that Lions SHOULD NOT TANK. You just stand in one place and shootshootshoot while the monster beats you up. It wastes a lot of pots but it does its job.

3. Snipe.
Get the monsters stuck someplace and stay far enough away that you can just click on them and kill them that way. There seems to be a lack in places to get monsters stuck in but that’s probably because I’m too lazy to actually look for places. So, if you’re a lazy bum like me, this probably isn’t for you.

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