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Originally Posted by NoobJr
They really created the "too much SP, no choice needed" problem themselves by never adding new skills as they raised the cap. And now they "solved it forever" in a pretty lame way by making the same already existing skills gradually get stronger whenever they raise the cap, even though it's just a miniscule amount. They even changed old MP200s into MP300s so every class (including 3rd jobs) has a MP300 or MP250, which is why I don't think they intend to ever create more skills.
They did add skills I think twice, the locked skills and a couple 2nd job skills, but not nearly enough to spend all the new SP and keep you with the same amount of choice.

I wonder why they're so averse to creating skills... It doesn't seem so expensive as they created a bunch for the NPCs (some of which they're reusing now), and they don't flood the game with characters like Grand Chase (at least they didn't use to), and it seems like the most logical way to keep the progression going. Especially when 2nd jobs were downright incomplete (and still kinda are).
With the max being 8 skill slots, every class should still have more than enough skills to fill those slots. Wind Sneaker alone has at least three new actives with this update, though I agree that some classes like Void Princess aren't as fortunate.

There still is the problem of some skills being buggy (e.g. Airlenna -Sylph doing nothing at all) and some classes being nerfed to hell (Lord Knight's skills even at lv20 max do less than lv5 max from the old system), but damage values and skill properties are a separate issue that can be fixed later.

Originally Posted by NoobJr
I did that when I was starting out... In the end the SP abundance made it a more forgiving system, and now the low cost per level of a skill would allow for the same thing even if the maxing cost is higher, but the binary choice nullifies that.
I see the choice as worse for usability because it's completely unforgiving and really makes you have to go out of the game to look up what the skills are like. All that while being useless.
I didn't. I went straight for a planner immediately, and I doubt I'm in the minority.

Again, this would be easily solved if SP resets didn't cost real money, but it probably won't because it's common practice for "free to play" MMOs with cash shops.