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Originally Posted by NoobJr
Bad comparison in terms of reasoning because the fields aren't linked to a character, but having something check your character and behave differently is an easy thing to do. They couldn't make you stay in the old hub world since it's a global thing and that would be having two worlds, but they could make you teleport directly to the next town if they wanted to.
Since they don't have to erase the code for the old skill tree menu and SP acquiring, they could've had a check in everything related to the system, which isn't a lot and they had to go and edit it anyway, and have it do the new thing if your character is marked to have the new system, otherwise do the old thing. It really doesn't look complicated from a programming standpoint. Would hardly cost anything compared to the cost of actually making lots of new skills.
Only the skills themselves are linked to characters. Adding new skills or changing the level you acquire them is not new for MMOs, even this one. They've already done so before when they added Roll for Elsword, Fire Road for Aisha, Rising Falcon for Rena, etc.

The new binary skill system and different SP growths are universal. I find it strange that you understand how complicated it would be to have both old and new versions of hub worlds running together in a game but seem to believe having two different versions of a game mechanic would be simple.

Sure, it's very possible for them to dump everything into that third column on the right so that the skills aren't subjected to the binary choice, but disabling the system altogether for specific characters is something that will not happen.

Originally Posted by NoobJr
It wasn't mandatory, yet it was used. The alternatives weren't "better", as far as I know Assault Slash is potentially the highest damage dealer to compensate for hitting less enemies and knocking them down, so it was pretty useful if you wanted it. I saw it a lot, even used it in some dungeons where enemies super armor a lot.
So while it's a fine skill to use in terms of effect, it's now silly to choose it because Sword Wave is much more useful anytime. That's making it needlessly more costly to use it, and I expect it to be a much rarer sight from now on.
Sword Wave is still only one hit on a single target and a regular active, meaning it also lacks the superflash invulnerability a cheap special active like Assault Slash has.

It's also possible that Sword Wave filling that much WoTS meter on a single hit may not be intended, since a number of other skills are also buggy (e.g. WS new Airlenna - Sylph doing nothing)

So while Sword Wave is better (why are you complaining about getting a new skill that is good again?), Assault Slash still provides some utility that Sword Wave doesn't have.

Of course, that's not to mention that both skills in this case are Vitality, when many Elswords prefer Destruction skills for Vitality WoTS for MP to spam specials.

Originally Posted by NoobJr
B slot gives you a lot more flexibility to make a fixed layout with varied enough gameplay, so that doesn't surprise me. Without it, changing the layout depending on what you do is much more common.

But it's not just about changing it based on the situation. Some people like to change just to play differently for a bit. It's not everyone, but it's a valid way to do things.

Again, without B slot you still have enough skills to change your layout a bit, and with it you'll barely have enough for a fixed one. But it's pretty little for a game that focuses so heavily on action gameplay. Or at least that's how I saw their intent with the game until now.
My interpretation was that the game was intended to be played with 8 skill slots from the beginning, and the 4 skill slot restriction was merely a business decision to nickel and dime players via the cash shop. People can "deal with it," but that managing to cope doesn't make it a better system.

Void Princess for example needs Hell Stone, Teleport, Mana Intake, Death Field, and Plasma Cutter/Aging on at all times. In dungeons with flying mobs, Aisha will want to add Flame Circle to her layout. With only 4 skill slots, that leaves a VP player to put Hell Stone (highest damaging 100 MP skill), Teleport (mobility), and Mana Intake (instant 30-60 MP noted) because they are easily her most useful skills. However, without Death Field a VP now has a more difficult time field clearing mobs, and without their 300MP skill on hand, her boss/burst damage nuking is nerfed.

An Elsword class with even more important actives is even worse: a Lord Knight needs Stoic for super armor, Counterattack for negative melee attack damage, Armor Break for defense reduction utility, and Roll for small invulnerability frames and the ability to instantly get behind an enemy. With only 4 skill slots, a max level Lord Knight essentially has no room for special actives. You could sacrifice the important utility your actives for a special active, but in either case your versatility is limited.

Remember that you weren't allowed to access your skill window to change your skill layout during dungeons either (it would lock you to the Z/X command page) until this update, so that made things worse for people without B-slot.

A fixed layout is more essential than you think past the first four/five beginning areas.

Originally Posted by NoobJr
The binary choice is different because you can't put one point into one skill, see if you like it, and invest on it or go back to the other one. If it were just the high SP cost per skill, you could do that, but the choice is the useless layer of complication that makes it worse than before.
Ah... I see your point now, though I highly doubt that was the intent of the old system nor do I believe many people do this.

Because the level cap wasn't always this high, the max SP wasn't always high enough to get every skill people desired by max level and then some. People who spread out their SP run the risk of not having enough SP for the skills they do need later, leaving them short either at their current level (forcing them to grind more levels to get the other skills they want), or short at max level (leaving them with a suboptimal build or being forced to pay for a SP reset). Many people want to avoid this, so they still have to look up guides and planners beforehand since resets aren't free.

In either system, people have to know what they're doing or suffer the consequences of a suboptimal build indefinitely, so I don't see the new system being any less newb-friendly.

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