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There's no real fundamental flaw.
Well, that's it for this discussion then. I already went through every flaw I see in it, so there's nowhere to go now.


That's like saying they're capable of making only certain classes experience the Hunting Fields (when it was new) while others can wait and walk through the towns the old fashioned way.
Bad comparison in terms of reasoning because the fields aren't linked to a character, but having something check your character and behave differently is an easy thing to do. They couldn't make you stay in the old hub world since it's a global thing and that would be having two worlds, but they could make you teleport directly to the next town if they wanted to.
Since they don't have to erase the code for the old skill tree menu and SP acquiring, they could've had a check in everything related to the system, which isn't a lot and they had to go and edit it anyway, and have it do the new thing if your character is marked to have the new system, otherwise do the old thing. It really doesn't look complicated from a programming standpoint. Would hardly cost anything compared to the cost of actually making lots of new skills.

Assault Slash wasn't even a mandatory skill for Elswords before the patch. All three subclasses have better alternatives for 100MP specials.
It wasn't mandatory, yet it was used. The alternatives weren't "better", as far as I know Assault Slash is potentially the highest damage dealer to compensate for hitting less enemies and knocking them down, so it was pretty useful if you wanted it. I saw it a lot, even used it in some dungeons where enemies super armor a lot.
So while it's a fine skill to use in terms of effect, it's now silly to choose it because Sword Wave is much more useful anytime. That's making it needlessly more costly to use it, and I expect it to be a much rarer sight from now on.

Many people with B-slots have been playing through the game without changing their layout even once for years before this update. Not everyone thinks the same way.
B slot gives you a lot more flexibility to make a fixed layout with varied enough gameplay, so that doesn't surprise me. Without it, changing the layout depending on what you do is much more common.

But it's not just about changing it based on the situation. Some people like to change just to play differently for a bit. It's not everyone, but it's a valid way to do things.

Again, without B slot you still have enough skills to change your layout a bit, and with it you'll barely have enough for a fixed one. But it's pretty little for a game that focuses so heavily on action gameplay. Or at least that's how I saw their intent with the game until now.

... and how is this any different from the old system? The game provided you nothing but text on the skills before as well. Either people choose to experiment and risk screwing up their build or look it up beforehand. It's always been like this.
The binary choice is different because you can't put one point into one skill, see if you like it, and invest on it or go back to the other one. If it were just the high SP cost per skill, you could do that, but the choice is the useless layer of complication that makes it worse than before.

(headache, so I might've not expressed myself too well this time)