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Originally Posted by NoobJr
I'm not sure about that. The skill tree code may be different, but it doesn't seem too troublesome to have other characters using the old skill tree while they don't have a new one.
A more likely reason for doing it all at once is that they wanted to rebalance everyone's damage at once, since they intended to lower it all to make dungeons more balanced.
It still seems like a better long term choice to do them one by one, though. Not just to do a better job of it, but to minimize the drama. But again, it would've been a costly process.
That's like saying they're capable of making only certain classes experience the Hunting Fields (when it was new) while others can wait and walk through the towns the old fashioned way.

It's not client side, so I really doubt it's possible to implement one class at a time. Job advancement is a different story because they can just make the quests or items not visible.

Originally Posted by NoobJr
The problem with that choice is that Sword Wave charges up a crapton of WoTS, making it useful in any layout. Since there's no more damage dealing skills, the strongest playstyle now is to go through WoTS really fast, making it a much better choice than Assault Slash for any build.
So by putting a not bad skill like Assault Slash against a much more technically useful skill like Sword Wave, they're pretty much removing Assault Slash, even though it's a good skill.
Assault Slash wasn't even a mandatory skill for Elswords before the patch. All three subclasses have better alternatives for 100MP specials.

Originally Posted by NoobJr
My issue with having only 11 skills is that you'll hardly have the flexibility to change your layout if you want to play different for a bit. It really can get boring to have the same skills for too long.
People without B slot may not feel that as much, but 11 skills doesn't seem like much for a max level character. Especially when it looks like they won't ever be adding more after this.
Many people with B-slots have been playing through the game without changing their layout even once for years before this update. Not everyone thinks the same way.

Some people don't like having a situational layout and would rather have one that can be used in all dungeons.

Originally Posted by NoobJr
There are varying degrees of newbie-friendliness. Trust me, I'm a noob.
Right now the most unfriendly aspect I see is not being able to try out the skills you have to choose from. You HAVE to look it up or choose based on text only. Even Grand Chase doesn't have that problem.
... and how is this any different from the old system? The game provided you nothing but text on the skills before as well. Either people choose to experiment and risk screwing up their build or look it up beforehand. It's always been like this.