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Originally Posted by NoobJr
That's why it's unrealistic to say you went from 90% skills to 2/3 rather than 1/3. And there aren't enough skills in the game to say 1/3 is flexible.

Including the new ones we have now, theyre adding 100 new skills. That is variety.

It just sounds like you're complaining about having to put thought into your builds when really, it's what should have been in place at the very start of the game.

Before this update, even with a 65 cap, I never put a point into anything that I didn't know about. I even capped a base ara to 65 maxing only three skills that were needed and the four passives because I'd researched them and put them into my playstyle.

They don't test everything. It'd delay updates too long. Did NA test out the BtM patch to make sure spurt was okay? Nope. They just released her and fixed it later on (I think at least).

They're being generous giving out free sp resets for two weeks. So people are doing the research you want them to do for your chars on other servers if your servers don't give them out. Everyone who plays testing them out > them testing it out.