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Arios is still ok if the server you in doesnt have too much anti beam ms yet, else it can be quite annoying when over 50% of your opposing team had Ifield or related skill.

As for sinanju, it mid range beam rifle can be quite awkward when you used to the range of normal mid range beam, since its beam range is slighter shorter. Sometimes you just wont able to hit your enemy even you can see it. Decision for when to purge armor is also important, as you only left with bazooka after purging.

Unicorn NTD, a good suit imo for beginner to train their accuracy and get use to shoot and hide. Funnel/bit controlling skill is good nowdays with so many like to spam their funnel/ bit

OOR, powerful unit for experience user, but not necessary for new player. Quantizing is double edge sword, where using it well can really annoyed you opponent, but can annoyed yourself if not familiar with it, since you unit basically left with 1 skill only. Experience player will just straight give you special attack if available when seeing quantizing.

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