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Originally Posted by NoobJr
That's why it's unrealistic to say you went from 90% skills to 2/3 rather than 1/3. And there aren't enough skills in the game to say 1/3 is flexible.

This update would've been MUCH better if instead of doing all characters at once and making a much smaller skill tree, they did them one at a time, adding ALTERNATE VERSIONS of the current skills. That would make much more sense for customization and variety, remove pointless or painful choices, not make a max level character with only 11 skills, and have much less backlash due to being a long process.
Not even all classes were affected negatively from this patch. Wind Sneaker and Night Watcher for example can still get all of their must-max actives and get quite few new passives and actives to chose from in this patch. Reckless Fist gets their own version of Armor Break. Code Empress gets a better version of Heaven's Fist for PvE.

It's also impossible to implement this kind of thing one class at a time because this is a revamp that changes the skill mechanics of the entire game.

Yes, I can agree that being forced to choose between Fire Fist and Sword Enchant is a poor choice because both have been essential for a long time, but complaining about having to choose between the physical Assault Slash and the magical Sword Wave? That's just being pedantic.

You only have 4/8 skill slots to begin with. Some classes like Lord Knight might be hurt being forced to choose between Double Slash and Armageddon Blade, but for Wind Sneakers choosing between Dive Kick Bombing and Violent Attack was something that had to be done even before this patch because there wasn't enough room nor any point to have both tier 3 special actives.

Originally Posted by NoobJr
It would've brought more life into the game instead of breaking gameplay styles, and have a much more enjoyable and newbie-friendly kind of planning.

As they did it, it was a bad business and design decision. I would hope they see the missed potential and redo the trees properly, but seeing as they probably did it this way to avoid having to make more skills, I find that very unlikely.
No, "newbie-friendly" would be removing SP resets from the cash shop and making them free to allow players to experiment with multiple skills and builds firsthand instead of having to look up builds and planners on external fansites.

But no, we can't have that because we're the ones who chose to play a pay to win "free to play" game that has to nickel and dime us with cash shop features that aren't really optional but are instead essential to the game.

Originally Posted by NoobJr
Bad business decision: lack of playtesting, bad marketing hyping it up
This however I will agree with.

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