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That's why it's unrealistic to say you went from 90% skills to 2/3 rather than 1/3. And there aren't enough skills in the game to say 1/3 is flexible.

This update would've been MUCH better if instead of doing all characters at once and making a much smaller skill tree, they did them one at a time, adding ALTERNATE VERSIONS of the current skills. That would make much more sense for customization and variety, remove pointless or painful choices, not make a max level character with only 11 skills, and have much less backlash due to being a long process.

It would've brought more life into the game instead of breaking gameplay styles, and have a much more enjoyable and newbie-friendly kind of planning.

As they did it, it was a bad business and design decision. I would hope they see the missed potential and redo the trees properly, but seeing as they probably did it this way to avoid having to make more skills, I find that very unlikely.

(backing up my bad decision viewpoint)

Bad business decision: lack of playtesting, bad marketing hyping it up (ironically calling it Evolution when it's really just limiting you) which only made the backlash worse

Bad design decision: disregard for PvP/PvE double nature, throwing all these skills in a tree system that doesn't fit them because they weren't made for it

Both: doing everything at once, so instead of doing a proper tree for everyone, minimizing design quality for each character, affecting all players at once and ensuring maximum backlash

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